Thursday, March 28, 2013

an interview with boo.

it's time for spring interviews starting with boo.  they kids are learning, changing and growing at lightning speeds.  boo bear has a very sensitive and tender heart.  she is very creative, loving to write short stories and to build inventions with legos, blocks, sticks...anything!  she enjoys playing the fiddle and is still believing the Lord for a pony of her very own...her parents can not wait to make that dream a reality for her. 

1. how old are you?  seven...almost eight.
2. how is {home} school going?  good, i guess.
3. what is your favorite thing about school? history.
4. what is your least favorite thing about school?  the rest of the reading.
5. what do you think the one thing everyone in the world needs?  God...Jesus...the Father.
6. what is your favorite color/colors? purple, brown, pink and green.
7. song?  cinderella by steven curtis chapman
8. food?  white cheese pizza
9. character we've read about real or fiction?  george washington carver
10. what is your favorite book you have read?  the andi and taffy series.

11.  how many kids do you want one day, Lord willing?  one or two.
12. what do you think God is going to use you for?  to glorify Him.
13. do you like it when you see mama and daddy kiss?  YUCK!

the end.


  1. Cute...what child doesn't think its yuck when they mom and dad kiss!!

  2. This sounds like an amazing child...and wise beyond her years.

  3. How precious; Tell her that History was the favorite around here as well... back in the homeschooling days... even Eddie our youngest, who isn't home schooled loves history, which is kind of a bond with us. Also, I agree with your previous posts about the food issue. We have been working to change
    so much of what/how we eat for many years... sometimes I am very good at it, and sometimes I am not (I like a nice hamburger with Dr. Pepper myself... but not very often). My biggest struggle is probably the "sweets" and comfort food. Which we have just made healthier versions of... less sugar... organic ingredients, whole ingredients and no gmo products... as much as is possible. Have a lovely holiday.

  4. I loved reading her answers. She is so pretty!!!

  5. What a wise little girl who has been guided well by her parents. She looks lovely and portrays a pure heart as well. I adore her beanie.. (hat)..

  6. Very sweet! Loved reading her answers - the "interview" idea is very fun! :-)


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