Monday, March 18, 2013

dear adopted son or daughter,

i don't know all the lingo or politically correct way of saying what is on my heart.  but, that a special word...

i don't know you yet.  but, i already love you.  i know that you are already alive and that you have probably been through some rough stuff.  in fact, for our family to grow by adoption, your birth family will fall apart. that makes me sad.

my heart hurts for you all the time. i want to hug you and tell you everything will be okay.  to promise that no, life will not always be easy but yes, you are always loved. 

we are getting ready for you.  the kids talk and wonder about you.  i wonder if you'll like the house we're getting ready to build.  i talk with people who've been adopted and who have adopted to get just a glimpse of your world.

God is even getting our hearts ready for you.  Ready to be patient, supportive, loving and kind.  Ready to give you the same thing everyone on this earth deserves.

we can't promise to be perfect because we have shortcomings.  we can't promise to always eat the most nutritious foods or to go to bed on time every night.  we can't promise the most stylish clothes or toys because that's not who we are.  we don't even watch T.V.

but, we can promise you a spot in our family.  a spot in our hearts. 

we are praying for you.  and loving you more.

your waiting family.

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  1. Oh what a beautiful letter for your chosen one to read some day :)

  2. Well said...your child is there being made ready for you..just as you are for them. Open hearts. Open arms. Cant wait to see the glory that is coming...3boyzmom

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  5. Beautifully written, Brooke! How exciting to be adopting! Praise the Lord for how He is leading you and your family.

  6. So excited for your adoption adventure. :) *hugs!

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  8. What a heartfelt post! Good for you, you have the right attitude. In my line of work, I've dealt with a lot of kids in foster care and in bad situations. It sounds like you're looking to adopt in this country? What age? Also, when you said, "For our family to grow by adoption, your birth family will fall apart. that makes me sad." Just so you know, most of the kids who are in that situation have already had their birth family fall apart, or more than likely, it was never whole in the first place. A lot of these kids are just so lost in the world and really do just need someone who cares about them. You and your family will do great!

  9. So excited for you all. Praying and admiring your journey.

  10. I have been in your shoes...waiting and it was very much worth the wait. Blessings to you an your family.


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