Tuesday, February 12, 2013


trooper is learning patience.  i didn't realize how often he gets a chance at practicing this virtue until i happened upon my phone's picture gallery.

i personally don't mind waiting.  i use the time to relax, think, pray and my personal favorite is pretending i'm on vacation.  kidding...kind of.  trooper loves to snatch the phone and take candids and silly shots to pass the time.  there are pictures of people i don't know but for the sake of legalities i only posted the two people i didn't think wouldn't mind.

what i see as pure enjoyment {relaxing, listening to my daughter's learn and practice} is pretty much torture for him.  hence, he usually gets to spend some dude time with papa.  on the other hand, i think it's important for him to learn to wait so he gets to every now and again. 

and he usually waits with a happy heart.

but, i have to agree with trooper, 3 hours in a waiting room is NO vacation!

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle  ~Abraham Lincoln 

Psalm 27:14
Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.


  1. Yes...waiting is a hard one for me...so I can understand Trooper's feelings!!
    But at least he can take pictures...and great ones at that:)

  2. I am sure that patience is an artform, that for some comes easily and for others comes as a hard learnt lesson. Teach me Lord teach me Lord to wait..I wonder what people used to do while waiting when there was no modern technology eg. phones.. maybe read a good book??
    Blessings Nell.

  3. It seems the little ones always have to do some waiting...while the older ones get socialized. Ha! My little one gets dragged everywhere to wait, poor thing. But then I wait for her in gymnastics, so it all balances out. Looks like your guy is becoming quite the photographer in his waiting time!

  4. I love Troopers pics and I do believe three hours is a long lesson in patience for a growing boy :) Hug B

  5. Ha great pics..love the candid shots...ugh I hate waiting, but a good book helps any wait ~Love Heather

  6. Awesome perspective with the vacation mind set, what a great way to turn the waiting into something enjoyable! :)

  7. Love the pics! He has talent! And you are so cute! Even when you're waiting!


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