Wednesday, February 6, 2013

to laugh or cry?

the car broke down.  as did my camera when i jumped up to give the girls a standing ovation on sunday.  the dishwasher is acting funny which happens every time we move. the printer is on the fritz.  and, our sweet little foxy will probably be sporting this for the next few days.

in the midst of packing.

i'm not complaining.  no siree.  i only thought you'd like to cry laugh a spell with me.

mountain mama


  1. O boy...nothing like a little "somethin" going on huh???
    Prayers for you...and a hug!

  2. Lol....I am glad to know I am not the only one having those sorta days..:) We had a dog named Foxy....reminds me of her...she was such a sweetie... Laugh and enjoy, "Laugher does the soul good". "A cheerful heart is good medicine."Proverb 17:22.. so, I say laugh....Here's to tomorrow being a better day! Blessings!

  3. My sis and I call this 'Satan panick' because whenever the Lord is working super strong on my behalf, for me, my vaccum quits. For her it's always her wash sounds like you are on a Jesus calling and 'Satan is panicking'....good for you, I know it can be tough in moments like this but you can know're on the right path! (smile)

  4. Don't you just love life:)!!! And that HE says In everything give thanks!:)) That's all we can do.

  5. Oh I am laughing with you right now can you hear me? Laughter is what will keep you going in this sometimes stressful world we find ourselves immersed sometimes. LAUGH out loud and then if a few tears fall that is OK too.
    HUGS lots of hugs wish I could help you pack. B

  6. oh dear! Hope things start working smoothly again :) and the pup begins to heal quickly :)

  7. I just scrolled down to get caught up. My blogging has been non-existent for the past month. Wow, moving and adopting!?! God bless you! I hope everything goes smoothly. Bummer about the camera, but the pooch looks adorable. Poor thing.

  8. Take a deep breath, this too shall pass. Wishin' I was closer to be a helping hand in the midst of your packing. Hugs from me!!! Can't wait to see where you all land this time. Prayers for you all as you pack up...again. I think you need to change your name to "Adventure Mama!!!" Cause your life so far has been full of adventures!


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