Thursday, February 14, 2013

a stinky valentine's or how to de-skunk a dog.

triped skunk, a.k.a. Mephitis mephitis - Latin word meaning “stench”.

now, i have done some things i never thought this ex-city girl would or could do.  in georgia there was the psycho owl.  and, one can't forget chasing hamburger the bull back into it's pen. 

in idaho, i cooked {and ate} rabbit stew.  we also explored the mountains in bear territory where cell phones just don't work.

this morning took a different direction then how i envisioned our valentine's day.

mountain man wakes before the rooster even thinks about crowing.  at 4:20 a.m. i hear a commotion outside from the comfort of our warm bed.  i hear mountain man raising his voice in warning to our dog foxy.  she is stubborn. then, i hear him utter the words "foxy" and "skunk" in my direction.

oh, dear.

i was half a weird dream.  but, it wasn't a dream.  the all  too familiar skunk smell permeated the air.  P.U.!!!  i quickly retreated from our warm bed to get details and to check on our pooch.  mountain man said foxy wasn't hurt, just shook up and...STINKY!  {skunk spray can be dangerous to animals! keep an eye on the animal for a few days afterwards. do some research, call the vet if you feel it's necessary:}

i quickly found this easy recipe to de-skunk a dog.  and it worked.  so, here's the recipe if you ever find yourself in this very stinky situation.

1 qt. hydrogen peroxide {3%}
1/4 baking soda
1 tsp. liquid soap {i used natural dish soap.}

mix in a bowl, not in a closed container.  put on gloves and work into the dogs fur.  let set a few minutes.  rinse.  do not get into mouth, ears or eyes.  

she didn't smell that bad until the mixture made contact with her!  

so, the moral of the story?

be ready for anything.  especially when it's two days from your moving date.  and...

love {or something} is in the air! 

happy valentine's day!
{picture credit.} 


  1. Oh, me, oh, my! Two days until moving and a skunked dog (and on Valentine's day no less!) That recipe sounds simple and a lot better than the tomato base we have used in the past. Once when I was in high school, our dogs were skunked - oh it was awful. My sister let them in the house, without knowing they were skunked, and they got on the couch and spread their skunk smell...Glad your pooch is smelling better :-)

  2. Oh no! Don't you just hate starting the day like that? That happened to Boone a couple of months ago, right out on the carport, just out the back door. Boone and Ms. C's car! 'Twas bad! Very bad. Ms. W used that same concoction on him, it's amazing isn't it? I'm not going to say that it's funny that Pepe Le Pew decided to visit for Valentines, I'm not! I hope the next couple of days are surely to goodness calm(er) for you all as you prepare for your move!

  3. Oh wow! What a memorable Valentine's Day for you! I had no idea skunk spray was dangerous for animals.

    Hope the rest of your day has been good.


  4. Oh I have had to use that mix before:( never forgot. Happy Valentines way to celebrate:) Hug B

  5. Oh dear... poor you ....Hope it was still a Happy Valentines Day!!

  6. Pepe le pew (I had to google how to spell that) came to visit! What an honor :)

  7. MM,
    Dogs and skunks...stinky! We had the exact same thing happen to us just a couple of days before we moved from our first Montana house fourteen years ago!

  8. I have used this same concoction on our dogs before. Not a fun chore at all!!! Glad Foxy is okay!


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