Monday, February 4, 2013

a home video and a story.

i almost choked on my mouth full of soup.  

it was a simple question asked by mountain man...

"what song did you practice today, boo?"

i coughed, scout smiled and we waited for her to answer.  boo, above everyone in the family, feels guilty for even thinking about telling a lie.

so she said, "just a song."

scout and i broke into a laughing fit, the answer so simple, boo's face was that of the best poker player.  i was seriously impressed with her skills. 

mountain man looked at us and all i could say was, "inside joke" while gasping for air.

you see, we had almost made it.  an entire month of secretly practicing their first official duet without being detected by daddy.

the girls wanted to surprise their daddy, on his birthday, by playing "Shout to the Lord" at church.  

and they did.  it was followed by a standing ovation and tears in many eyes.

and what was i stressed about anyway...keeping a secret, the girls' first public musical performance...?

come on was a piece of cake.  birthday cake.

i shot the video on our little point and shoot.  so please excuse the quality.  and for the record, it is a fiddle, not a violin :}


  1. Wonderful!!! So proud of you girls!!

  2. What a blessing! I want to cry just thinking about it.. It sounded great.. I knew the song right off.. You are blessed and I am sure Mountain Man was tickled...Two sweets playing for their daddy. I am sure both of you are proud and I know God smiled at the heart of his CHildren. Blessings!

  3. Oh how sweet!! Good job pulling it all togther!! What a super Mama you are!! ~Thanks for sharing the video it was wonderful ~Love Heather

  4. Wonderful!! I watched it after reading the whole post...and it brought a tear of joy to my eyes too!! How proud you must be!!

  5. What a beautiful gift for their Daddy! What a wonderful surprise for him! Great job Boo and Scout!!!

  6. Aw, they did such a beautiful job! Playing duets is so much fun - how wonderful that they're starting so young!


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