Thursday, January 17, 2013

giveaway & book review: perfect lies by jennifer crow

 "Overcoming nine hidden beliefs that stand between you and a healthy joy-filled life."

because of my studies in natural medicine i'm a big believer in one's emotional and mental health effecting their physical one.  Jennifer Crow, author of "Perfect Lives Lies" gives a testimony on how her thought life caused big problems for her.  she is doing anyone who reads this book a favor by sharing such deep intimate thoughts, in my opinion.

she was in ministry...a wife...a mama...but, she was sick.  and getting sicker.  and she was determined to find an answer.

do we all have secret lies that run through our minds...probably without even knowing it?  do we replay images of the past that we have never fully healed from?  are we thinking God's thoughts or the enemies?

Jennifer believes many, many people our believing these kind of lies:

1. i am unlovable
2. i am worthless
3. i am unacceptable
4. i am unable
5. i am bad

and more! 

this is a thought provoking book.  i strongly urge anyone who is seeking God's best for them to consider putting this on this year's "to be read" list.

i'm happy to send this to one lucky reader, just leave a comment below, we'll draw a name at random.

thank you Tyndale publishing for the chance to review this book in exchange for this free copy!



  1. Wow,sounds really interesting,would love to read it.

  2. This definitely sounds like something I would enjoy. And with my new 100 books goal for the year, I could use any new reads I can get!

  3. Sounds great! I would love to read it!!

  4. Interesting! Sounds like something worth many of are programmed to think that way...we need to be careful to watch our Mom used to tell me how lucky I was to be smart because I was was so homely because of my glasses...I grew up believing I was unlovable because I was quite ugly...hard to change those feelings. Have a great day!!

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  7. Hmm. I feel like this book would be a help to me! I've been really hard on myself so far this year- not working has been kind of tough. I'd like to read it!

  8. Would love to read the book! Sounds like something I could really use right now. :)

  9. I can relate to the author's feelings and believe it would be helpful in my life to have the opportunity to read this book in order to remove negative thoughts about myself.


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