Monday, January 7, 2013


we've been re-cooperating from over 17 holiday events in the month of december.  then i found myself face to face with scout's 10th birthday! {happy late birthday dear girl!!}

the month was crazy...a whirlwind...of fun and festivities.  and food.  but more than any of that, it was full of love.

we sat at the foot of our missionary friend from South Africa who told us stories and brought meaningful gifts.  we had not seen each other in over six years.  she is the type of person who when God says, "fly to Israel" she goes to the airport...someone buys her a ticket...she meets who she needs to meet on the way/upon arriving...truly amazing!

we hugged a cousin who just graduated from boot camp. wow, are we ever proud of him!  and to think, it seems like just yesterday i was pushing him around in a stroller!

we went to parties, traveled out of town, went to dinners, hosted dinners, gave presents, opened presents, ate a lot of food {i think i mentioned that}. we even had an office party and upon returning home we had a house full of invited guests to welcome my dad and his family home for the holidays! 

seriously, i went about two weeks without cooking about a wake up call come the new year, eh? i reflect, now that i can catch my breath, one thing stands out.

when i talk to someone it quickly turns into heart matters.  i'm not happy talking about the weather or sport scores.  my talk is about forgiveness. and family. {we all have to deal with both!}  and living a life that matters.  i was able to talk to several of my beloveds about such issues.  in fact, our conversations naturally just flowed in that direction.  no, i don't have all the answers.  but, yes, together {with God's help} we can find our way!! 

{we are blessed with amazing people in our lives!  each with their own talents, gifts and personalities!  truly amazing!}

last year found us with mountain man's new job {we prayed for an entire year for that one!}, getting into a homeschool groove, spending time with family, working on our hearts and ministering at church.

this year will be our month of december?

without giving away all the fun stuff i'll say it will include a vacation or two, a new vehicle, a new house to live in and at least one new member of our family.  

sounds interesting, huh?

thank you for your comments and your faithful reading of our adventures.  God has big things in store!  for us...and you too!!


  1. OH I can't wait to read about all the fun stuff you guys will be up to this year!

  2. Sounds like a full December and already a full year ahead! I'm glad my year seems to have a blank slate as I don't think I could take knowing everything (or anything) that will inevitably come my way! I'm pooped from all that went on in 2012 and I begin 2013 with having to admit my mother to nursing care after several falls! Good stuff coming your way no doubt and I'll be happy to read about it and share in some small way!

  3. New family member? Two legs or four? Your post is like a breath of fresh air. I've been crazy busy Florida for two weeks and company as soon as I got home, then putting things back in order. We also had a fun holiday, but there is something to be said for getting back into a routine (I'm still working on that).

  4. Oh I have missed you it is so nice hearing that all is going well according to the plan not yours his.
    Take care I look forward to seeing more of you here. Happy Birthday to all we missed. Hug B

  5. Glad you had a great Christmas! Can't wait to hear more about the new family memeber. =)

  6. Oh the joy it was to read your post. Such amazing blessings that were given all around in your month of December and it sounds like in the months to come. Isn't God just simply amazing!!! I can not wait to hear all of the bountiful blessings God is preparing for you and your sweet family in 2013. :) God Bless and yes... breathe. He is doing a marvelous thing!

  7. So good to hear from you and happy to hear you had such a fun filled December! Can't wait to hear more about your 2013 adventures!

  8. Your kids are ALWAYS adorable...though Scout is getting old enough to where we must say "happy birthday to a wonderful young lady !" ;)

    Sounds like you will have your plate full, but in a good way!

  9. hmmm wrote lots. all gone. start again...
    LOVE catching up here w Sarah on my lap. Cammo Santa hat awesome. Bunny wedding hysterical. Adoption AMAZING!!!!! <3
    Wishing you a year packed with goodness and also more moments to just sit and "be" with your beautiful family.


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