Monday, January 28, 2013

book review: Twelve Unlikely Hereos by John MacArthur

i have something to admit.  sometimes, when the Lord asks me to do something, i say something like "uh...are you sure you have the right person?"  do you see how silly asking the one and only God that question? 

He knows what He's doing.  and He has big things to do through all of us.  it doesn't matter our age, sex, race or past.  sometimes we think we aren't good enough, smart enough, patient enough...just not enough.

John MacArthur lays out twelve heroes in the bible that the world would probably skip over in a heartbeat.  why?  because man looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart.

and, despite their and our shortcomings, sin, poverty or pride He still wants to use us. 


i love this line from the book:

"Their weaknesses only serve to highlight God's infinite purpose - which triumphed through them in spite of their imperfections."  

{who has some imperfections?  and all the hands go up.}

i love John The Baptist.  i didn't know much about him before reading this book.  he set the stage for Jesus entering the picture.  he wore animal fur and lived in the wild...and he got some people's attention all right...

"John's mandate was urgent.  The coming of the King was imminent.  In spite of their religion, the people's hearts were hard and cold.  So John confronted them with fiery passion and unabashed directness.  Now was not a time to mince words.  he challenged the people to turn away from ritualism, superficiality, and hypocrisy of their external ceremonies, traditions and laws...he challenged the people to demonstrate their repentance in practical ways, like caring for the needy, working with integrity, and showing love to others."  

wow!  that is my kind of hereo!!!  

this book is well written and has some amazing points to ponder.  the heroes covered are Enoch, Joseph, Miriam, Gideon, Samson, Johnathan, Jonah, Esther, John the Baptist, James, Mark and Onesimus.  it was encouraging to read how God used these normal every-day people to accomplish His will.  

"those who would walk in faith must believe that God "is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him".  That is to say, they must trust in HIm as their Redeemer and Savior - believing that He will fulfill His promises to those who put their hope in Him.  One day, their faith will be rewarded with sight and their hope will be realized in eternal glory."

now...what is it He wants us to do...?

 thanks go to booksneeze for this free copy in exchange for a review.



  1. Yes, I do that {ask God - who me?} too! Sounds like an incredible book. I've read MacArthur's take on the twelve disciples in the past. Such insights and explanations! Looking forward to reading this one.

  2. Oh dear my comment disappeared how does that even happen lol??? So glad you stopped by my blog it is great to connect with another homeschooling MOM :D :D ...sounds like we are kindred. We have moved quite a bit ourselves it is some ridiculous number like 15 times in the last 18 years we have been married but who's counting right hehehe!! I just joined Book Sneeze I am looking forward to picking out a book. And I have not read much about John the Baptist outside the bible either, thanks for sharing it looks interesting. ~Love Heather

  3. I learn from your posts like this one...I like to learn. I've never heard of booksneeze, I'll check it out!


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