Saturday, January 19, 2013

a wedding in the works...

this is pearl.  one of  scout's bunnies she received as an early Christmas present.

and this is pecan.  

when they wed, which i assure you they will, the pair will be...

Mr. and Mrs. Pecan Pie.

wedding plans are in the making, rest assured i'll be the wedding photographer so you won't miss a thing.

i know...the anticipation is mounting. 


  1. We raise Californians and at one time Mini Rexes. Bunnies are so adorable!

  2. this isnt a shotgun wedding, is it??? ;)

    what fun to be planning - whats on the cake menu for afterwards? ah I know - "CARROT CAKE!!"


  3. You are too funny!! (I hope the weddings soon:)))

  4. Watch out after that wedding, you'll have many, many, many little Peter-Cotton-Tails! LOL What cute little bunnies! I bet the kids are having a lot of fun w/ them!

  5. From :boo bear
    Family is someone you can count on. I trust
    my montonmama.


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