Tuesday, December 18, 2012

okay...wait...what month is it?

good gravy...time is flying right into oblivion these days!  the fact that Christmas is in a week flabbergasts me.  it seems just like yesterday when i was in this Christmas pickle last year.

as my friend was cutting my hair last month she asked what we're doing for Christmas this year.  honestly, i hadn't thought much about it.  i said the first thing that came to mind: "uh...we're making homemade vanilla...?"  i said it question style because i wasn't sure what kind of answer she was expecting.  her eyes lit up and she laughed.  hard.

i didn't know what in the world had her in stitches when lo and behold through gasps of air she exclaimed, "so...you had...to go...to go...to a...liquor store?"  i was like: "well, yeah...?"  

apparently, all my friends {all three of them} agree thinking of me in a liquor store is beyond funny.  i will admit i was like a fish out of water but i was bound and determined to get what i needed while praying no one from church in our small town saw me go in...you know how tongues wag.  for those of you who have no idea...vanilla is made with vodka... and i bought $40 worth.

anyway, this year our focus for Christmas has been, besides staying out of trouble, family.  i can almost hear God breathe the letters right in my ear... f-a-m-i-l-y.  seriously, we've been hearing it since we've moved back from our wild expeditions.

this is the time for family reconciliation...we've seen some big things happen within our families and those around us. God wants strong families!

tomorrow is my birthday - trooper exclaimed to everyone at the post office not long ago my age.  yes, indeed...i'll be 35.  and it's great.  best of all, my dad, step-mom and little brother are flying in from CA!  when i was younger i could not ever imagine living far away from my daddy...now we're hundreds miles apart and i haven't hugged him since last Christmas!!!!  happy birthday to me!

i can't guarantee i'll be able to write again before Christmas...you know i have a lot of vanilla to bottle!  all kidding aside, i wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with love and lots of family time.  if you're thinking, "well now mountain mama...you can choose your friends but not your family and i don't want to spend time with mine!"  then i'd have to say too bad.  because the good Lord put you with those sweet sometimes irritating family members for a reason.  maybe they need you more then you need them right now.  maybe your irritation reflects something in your hear that needs to change...ouch...did i just say that? 

family...gotta love 'em.

Merry Christmas from our neck of the woods, to yours!  love y'all!!!!


  1. Homemade Vanilla?? I never heard of making vanilla!!! Sounds good....and let the tongues wag if they must....God is our judge!

    Oh for strong families ..yes that is were the battle is...I see families too close to me falling...

    Have a happy happy 35th birthday...!!!
    A wonderful Christmas to ya all down there:)

  2. Merry Christmas!!! enjoy that family as we miss ours here~~~

  3. Merry Christmas, Brooke! Love seeing how your kids have grown! :) P.S. We are moving back to IL from GA.

  4. Happy Birthday! I was 35 when my first child was born... wonderful to be such a young (and beautiful) mother. Merry Christmas!

  5. Happy birthday and have a great holiday with your family. Merry Christmas friend!

  6. So, did your vanilla turn out? I started mine back in October and it's still not where I would like it to be.
    I agree it's like that saying goes: My family is like a box of chocolates; mostly sweet, but with a few nuts! And, I enjoy every minute of them while we are together. They keep it interesting, we aren't robots! God is so good and he makes sure we all know that especially this time of year. Hug your families and enjoy them every chance you can!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  7. Merry Christmas! I love how you put it out there what God obviously just put into your heart to share (about the 'change your attitude about your family' thing.) I can just see that God had you write that for someone in particular. I hope they read it and are convicted. I may not be around the blogosphere much anymore, but I still keep up with you here. Happy Birthday (we're the same age now!) and I hope you have a WONDERFUL visit with your family.

  8. LOL! Have fun making vanilla, happy birthday, and Merry Christmas all rolled into one!

  9. Merry Christmas! The kiddos sure are growing! Adorable pic! I've not tried the homemade vanilla, I have friends who make it and swear by it, the best evah! Have fun & enjoy your Daddy! So nice they are coming your way for the holidays!

  10. I'm laying in bed giggling....still at the very thought of you walking into the "store" . What a fun day we had...best laugh ever. Love.


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