Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i think too much.

by now you know me well enough to know that i don't believe in fortune, good luck, karma or anything else besides God's plan. huh-uh.

but years ago i opened up a fortune cookie...

~the world is a grand comedy to your sense of humor~

it's true.  i love people.  i love to watch them. to talk to them.  to find out what makes them tick. i even wanted to be a psychologist. 

when i was younger i'm ashamed to say i would make fun of people.  then, i realized that i'm just as silly acting and different looking. {leave it to God to put you in your place.}

but i digress, there is one funny thing about some people's nature that i'm stuck on...i can't quite figure it out.   and i've thought about it. a lot.  it's the wanna be psychologist in me.

case in point: i was at a gathering making my way to retrieve a much anticipated dessert.  i walked up to the dessert area and spotted a pregnant women holding a full plate of treats.  i smiled and looked at it to see what was on the menu.  

startled she quickly said, "this isn't all for me."

time out: uhh...did i miss something?  i wasn't even remotely close to being judgmental on a prego with a plate full of chocolate.  honey, i have been there three times!  but, truth be told i was plum irritated that the little mama put words in mouth AND assumed she knew what i was thinking!  i played along and mumbled something sarcastic with a smile.  but, as she walked away i couldn't help but contemplate human nature.

and here's another example.  

dropping something off at a lady's house she opens the door and greets me.  i look her in the eyes, smile and greet her.  she then looks down at her clothes and says, "uh...i'm cleaning house today."


there "it" goes again...putting a thought in my head that i wasn't even thinking!  i hadn't even noticed her clothes and if i had i would have probably been comforted by the fact that i'm not the only wears old comfortable clothes while i'm cleaning/relaxing/reading/staying at home.  but, she revealed something about herself in that quick few seconds.  they both did.

i just can't put my finger on what.

are they afraid of being judged? are they self conscious? do they judge people so they assume they are getting the same treatment?  are the trying to impress people?  are they insecure?  can they read my mind and know what i will think before i even think it? {i'm being facetious in case you missed it.}

and i admit, i have stopped myself just in the nick of time from explaining myself to someone who probably wasn't thinking what i thought they were thinking.  since i've been on the receiving end i know it's awkward.  and if they were thinking what i was afraid they were thinking do i really want to be friends with them? and another thought, do i really want to be friends with someone who is constantly putting words in mouth, explaining herself to me when i'm only trying to be friendly and genuine? 

i think not. 

what you see is what you get.  i have no explaining to do to anyone besides the Maker of heaven and earth.

so there.

and please don't confuse "it" with the look i would give a good friend who just ordered a plate full food that could feed an entire army.   the eyebrow lifted, finger pointed, banter between two good friends...that is the friendship i cherish...

being yourself.

just call before you stop by so i can pick the house up, change clothes, brush my teeth, do the dishes, hide the junk food, sweep the floors...kidding.


  1. do I have to put on my makeup before I come over??? cause if I do and it is a wearing old comfortable clothes kind of say.. then I can not make it. :)

    we think a lot alike...andn I too only care what my Maker thinks, and I aim to please him!

  2. Oh if you come to my house I would probably invite you in with my pajamas on late in the morning and hope you do not notice my dusty floor or messy house and I would probably be the one making excuses too. I have no idea why people do that either but I am surely guilty of that. I am going to make sure I do not assume what someone is thinking and apologize for something that I am doing. Thanks you certainly made me think too:) I do know I never apologize for that heaping plate of food:)
    Let us not assume what anyone is thinking and just do what we do. Working on that now.
    Wow I am rambling but I will leave this on anyway maybe you get it:) Hug B

  3. okay...so i too apologize for a messy house ~ sorry you have to step over the blocks...hope you don't trip. but, i'm learning the difference between wanting to please/impress someone and being secure in who i am. and secure in my messes :)

  4. This is something I ponder as well. The only opinion which matters is His. Only He sees all, knows all...the rest of the world is only guessing and assuming. Imagine the time and effort that could be saved and used for something better, if we all just rested in Him and His work in us. So thankful for His love, grace, and mercy, because He (and I) know I'm so far from perfect :-)

  5. It's funny how that goes...I always wonder how people drop by when my house is it's worst and I am a mess...just life I guess and we all say sorry for the mess be careful where your step! That's humas nature I guess...I enjoyed your pondering...take care!

  6. us girls, we always reveal our insecurities right off the bat to one another. You should feel confident in the fact that you are who you are and what you see is what you get. (smile)

    I also want you to know I received the 'gift' yesterday. I listened to the whole CD and really like it. I knew who he was and didn't realize it with a couple of the songs on there. The boys liked it too, that's a plus. ANd thank you also for the rest of the goodies, that was super sweet, and I can now say I WON SOMETHING! Thanks so much and appreciate your words always. Blessings to you, Marlece

    (I thought about your son often, how are things going? )

  7. If I had to guess I would say they were insecure or self conscious and are probably people pleasers. I have said things like that before, because I have been around a lot of judgemental people. I hear the back stabbing, the hurtful tear down talk. And then I find myself making excuses for why I look the way I do or act in a certain way like I have to placate somebody.

    You are right we only need to answer to our Heavenly Father... now we just need to remember that!

  8. My closest friendships are with women just like you, MM. I wish Oklahoma and Montana weren't so far apart.
    Have a great week.

  9. Don't take those things personally. I always try to remember that we don't know what other people are going through. If someone is overly sensitive or insecure, I try to remember that it's more about them than it is about me. If anything, I feel sorry for them and think to myself, "God bless them." They truly aren't trying to put words in your mouth.

    Oh and the pregnant woman example...I tend to graze all day at work and sometimes I wonder what my co-workers think, but then I figure, hey I'm the one who's going to have to lose it all afterward, not them! LOL!

  10. I suppose I've been on both sides of that. I can be pretty self-conscious, and I *always* apologize about the way my house looks before even good friends come over. And my house isn't all that bad. I just want it to be "perfect" for them. Why, I don't know. I certainly don't pay a bit of attention to the order of my friends' homes. It's definitely something to think on :)


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