Monday, October 15, 2012 oklahoma?

it's true...i won't lie to ya.  when we moved here from the mountains a little over a year ago i complained.  a lot.  i complained under my breath, to you, to God and to just about anyone who would listen.  my heart ached for the serenity and beauty of the mountains.

"but, it's pretty here in oklahoma too," a well meaning person told me.  i think i just raised my eyebrows and quirked my mouth in an un-lady like fashion. on the inside i was saying, "does oklahoma have breathtaking mountains that make you stand in awe of our creator?  does it have the most amazing sunsets you have EVER laid eyes on?  can you sit outside for ten minutes and not hear one thing besides nature making its beautiful music? can you drive through town and not see any trash, graffiti or road construction?  HA - I thought not."

see...i won the argument all right there in my head.  or, so it seemed.

after reading one of my blogs whining that i missed the mountains not just one but two people corrected me about oklahoma being mountain-less. 

and not just any two siree.

it had to be my dad and husband - two men that i don't argue with...often {at least not outside of my head} because they are usually right {but don't tell them that i'm admitting it}.   after the shock wore off i wondered why in sam hill i have never seen them for myself. i am an okie through and through after all.

so...a few months ago we took a trip to the wichita mountains wildlife refuge in oklahoma.  we saw buffalo, prairie dogs kissing {no kidding!}, went fishing, mountain climbing and had us a grand 'ol time.    

i stood...right there thousands of feet in the air, sporting wind blown hair to prove it...corrected.

my point is...what else am i missing by being comfortable in my home state?  what are you missing?  what is down that road i've driven by a million times?  what is the story of that cool old rustic barn or the house that looks like a castle?  

just because we don't live on the beach, on top of a mountain, in paris or  belize doesn't mean we can't enjoy where we are!  i daresay there are cool things both God made and man made that we should all be enjoying.

the new pictures on the header are from the wichita mountains and i've included a few more in this post.  

i'm now making a conscious effort not to get comfortable - to get out and explore what makes my home state beautiful and unique.

do you see him?  this kid wears camo everyday unless mama puts her foot down...which isn't all that often.

aha....there he is! handsome like his daddy, ornery like his...uh, never mind.

so...wanna join me? exploring the places right where we're planted? if you venture to someplace new-to-you in your state, let me know!  send me a shot or two.  you bet your biscuits that i'd love to hear all about it!

and i'll be keeping you updated as well.  

now...onward and foward as my friend kim would say! and here's brandon heath's song, "don't get comfortable."


  1. So cool! Great pictures. Yep...we have beauty every where. I know when we drove across Canada...every province had it's own beauty...REAL BEAUTY!!

  2. I live in the southeastern part of the state in the Ouachita Mountains. You should check out Talimena Drive in the fall or spring. I never knew OK did not have mountains, LOL.

  3. How pretty! We've never been there, but might have to plan a trip. =)

  4. Oh You are finally home home is where your heart is girl. I am glad you ventured out to find just what you need to realize that and find that contentment you think you lost.
    Those new mountains are beautiful and look at those smiling faces. Yes there is happiness and joy where ever we live we just have to find that contentment. I am going out to explore and see what I am missing.
    You are wise my friend. Enjoy the journey to rediscover that contentment.
    Hugs B


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  6. i love your new header!! great post of appreciating what you have (where you live)!!!
    ^)^ linda

  7. You know it is amazing isn't it, when you dig around and discover what's just down the road? To every landscape, there is beauty! Looks like you all had a great time!

  8. This is such a great post... and so timely.

    We have moved all over the country and it looked like we were headed that way again, when God intervened... and we puposely
    concoted a plan to see all that we have planned to see while we are here.. Now understand that we sort of live like tourist when we first get some where and then it falls off... so now we are really doing it!!! I will be happy to send you updates.

  9. Beautiful indeed! We found a place recently...a hike....and parts even reminded us all of the kidding....16 miles due east....took an hour to get there! It's really fun to know about your own back yard!
    I'd love to visit your mountains, some day, they are VERY pretty!
    ... Thanks for the reminder that God's beautiful creation is ALL over the place!

  10. Oh my, Oklahoma is beautiful! Isn't it true that we so often miss the beauty of where we are? That Billy Joel song "You're My Home" sums it up for me and my husband. Wherever we are, as long as we are together, we are HOME.

    We are leaving today (if my husband can pull himself away from work!) for a few days at a forest service cabin up Rock Creek - one of the best fly fishing creeks in the country. We go every year. I'll take some pictures and post them on my blog when we're home. It's just 90 minutes from our house, but a world away because there is no phone, electricity, computer, TV... you get the picture!

    Great post, MM.

  11. interestingly enough, my father-in-law is the retired manager of the wichita mountains national wildlife refuge! dan and i spent many a holiday exploring those beautiful mountains. father-in-law still lives in the area and we'd like to get the kids out that way sometime. i know they would love it! i'm glad you and your family got to enjoy it too!


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