Thursday, October 18, 2012

investing in the future.

it takes a village to raise a doubt about it.  my heart warms when i recall family and friends taking the time to invest in our children.  i'm thrilled people love our kids enough to want the best for them, to teach them and to laugh with them.

{my friend wanted so badly for trooper to make a shot she went to get a ladder, spotted him and then cheered like crazy!  what a good friend!}'s the strangers...people we don't know very well or at all that i'm thinking of today.

the dentist who took a little too long *trying* to explain in kid terms the science behind his "little blue light" that dries fillings so quickly.  he concluded with, "maybe we need to do a homeschool session on this."

then there was the...

repairman at the violin shop taking the time to chat with the kids to make them feel comfortable and is cool after all.

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them." ~ Lady Bird Johnson

at the fair a few days ago i stood and watched a stranger teaching my kids C.P.R. complete with dummies and compressions. of course, mama had to try it out too. 

then, i listened as a fireman talked to us about fire safety and showed us melted home furnishings.  i thanked him and said, "we did a mock fire drill and trooper hid under the bed...this is really great, thank you!"

 "Every child you encounter is a divine appointment." ~Wes Stafford, Compassion International

i know that it's my job and joy to teach my children...even the kids at church on sundays.  but, is there more to it than that?

i remember sitting in the lobby while the girls were at dance class a few years ago.  there was a hyper little girl with my namesake.  the mom was obviously embarrassed that she couldn't do anything to calm the child.  all of a sudden, the sweet blonde headed cutie crawled in my lap and laid her head on my chest.

i was there at the right time for her. somewhat uncomfortable because i didn't want the mom to feel bad in any way i said, "sometimes...a kid needs someone other than their mama."'s the truth.  as great as mamas takes a village to raise a child.

now, i'm not advocating letting my child run wild in the neighborhood and hope for the best.  uh, many know that can lead to nothing but trouble?  i'm only saying that i'm grateful for the opportunities my kids can learn from everyone...friends, family and strangers alike...while i'm there learning myself!  

we recently went to oklahoma's wildlife expo. it's the states way of reaching out to kids.  they teach {for free} everything from fishing, hunting, archery, shooting and tons more.  mountain man and i were blown away by the amount of volunteers!  volunteers taking one to three days from their lives to show children one-on-one how to cast properly {fishing, come on city folk!}, how to kayak {think cold water, getting hit in the head by paddles}, showing  animals, conducting workshops, how to shoot an arrow...seriously, i was so proud of my fellow oklahomans doing their part in investing in the future of so many children!

 {okay, so this is the kids' uncle not a stranger...but just think, he instructed hundreds of kids who may not have had a chance otherwise...awesome!} we go about our days, follow our worn rabbit paths and mark things off our to do lists, let's make it a point to watch for ways to be a blessing to kids.  all kids.  because they deserve the best...and i know you have something worthwhile to pass on! 


  1. Thank you for the reminder to invest not only in our own children, but also in the children around us. :-) You're such a great mom and a source of inspiration for me. I'm glad to see you are blogging again.

  2. Oh I love this post I feel love and hope oozing from this. It is true it takes a village. I wish everyone would take this and run with it. I love this. Hug B

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  4. MM
    Love the wildlife expo! Your daughter is shooting the same bow my kids use in 4H. Brest quotes on the value of kids. Enjoyed this post- your kiddos are so darn cute!

  5. "Great" quotes about kids! I am writing from my Kindle Fire... :)

  6. This made me think back to the many different people God has allowed in our lives, who have given our gals encouragement or taught them lessons at just the right time in life. Makes this Momma grateful too, for all those who have willingly, and selflessly invested in our gals.


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