Tuesday, October 2, 2012


      {with our friends at the aquarium...yes, oklahoma has an official aquarium}
                      {with our friends at the apple orchard!}

i know you're sharp {i don't keep ya around for nothin'} so it didn't take you too long to notice trooper...as in being the only boy.  well, we're working on that.  that's all i can say about it now though...giggle.

we've been around...here and there.  everywhere it seems.  i told mountain man that i'm ready to be home for a while.  in the mountains we didn't have to be anywhere...the cows didn't even care if we wore our jammies all day.  but, things in oklahoma are a bit different.  don't get me wrong, we love - LOVE - love our family and friends but we're trying to find the happy medium between home, music lessons, school, church, errands, field trips etc.  and please tell me how i ended up with critters in formaldehyde sitting in a nice little box in our bedroom.  ick...i didn't sign up for that.

anyway...as i wrote to Laura in Montana this evening...i'm trying to hold on with all my might while on this amazing ride the Lord has us on. over the past couple of months, amazing things have been happening...tears, laughing, a-ha moments and you-gotta-be-kidding-me shenanigans...all in a day's work, right?

thank you for caring, emailing and for your prayers...we are just fine.  i hope to post a little more regularly or at least a little sporadically?

yours truly,
mountain mama


don't forget to enjoy the fall weather...sweaters, books, hot chocolate and cider, cuddles...a little heaven on earth.


  1. I am always grateful for a wonderful blog.
    It is very cute child.
    It is a family treasure. I look forward to the future.
    I'm sorry I was wrong spelling.
    From Japan.
    Ryoma Sakamto.

  2. Oh I was so excited to see you in my blogger box this morning. Yeah you are doing fine. I have missed you.
    I am so happy to see the family are all looking wonderful. Be happy Mountain Mama you know things are all for a reason. HUGS HUGS B

  3. Grateful you are all well! Looks like a lot of fun - aquarium and orchard...and working on another boy, eh....hmmm that line leads to speculation :-) Just teasing. I hear ya about the fall - such a beautiful time for seeing God's glory so evident in His creation.

  4. I've been wondering how you all have been doing. Glad to know all is well!!!


    love the 'working on it part' ...can't wait for details!!!

    missed you!!!!!! you'll have to stop over and see pics of my newest addition!!! (ok he's 8 weeks today but still has that new baby smell)

  6. It's been a while since I've been around too...the kiddos are sure getting big...and adorable...hpope to see more of you!! Enjoy your day!!

  7. A post! Yay! So glad things are okay with y'all! Hope to see more of ya!

  8. I'm sooo happy to read another post :) ..what song is playing when I went on your blog & who sings it? Thanks so much for sharing...

  9. Lovely to hear from you, have missed you xx

  10. MM,
    How did I miss this? It's so good to see your post. It all sounds good. Hope the project you're working on is developing well! God's will, God's timing.

  11. Yea! Have missed ya. Glad to know all is well and good with you and your family. The kids are getting so big!
    Was in OKC last week and thought of you...and Flowermama. Was very short on time or would liked to have arranged a "get-together".
    Maybe next trip.
    Take care and so glad you are back...


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