Sunday, August 5, 2012

scipture & snapshot

you've probably heard on the news about the oklahoma wildfires.  we heard many fire engines and saw/sniffed plenty of smoke.

in fact, one night while the kids were swimming the smoke covering the sunset made it kinda creepy.  the sun was bright pink.  but, do you know what i like best?

the beams of light shining behind the smoke.  oh, yes.  the smoke and fire may come, in fact, one may choose to dwell on the bad...but Jesus is the same...He never changes.  His promise of protection and hope are always there...shining for all too see. 

happy Sunday! 
{pic taken with android}


  1. beautiful rays of God's love shining thru the destruction!!

  2. Amen! That smoke is kinda creepy, but I agree - those beams of light - such beauty shining right through the smoke and debris.

  3. Amen to our Lord being the same yesterday, today, and forever!

  4. STUNNING capture!!! Isn't fantastic that in the midst when the rest of the world is frantic we can rest in peace. The Lord is never changing!! AMEN!!!!

  5. Wonderful post! I could still smell the smoke in the air this morning. I haven't checked to see the status, but we are praying the families who have lost homes.

  6. Beautiful picture! I'll be honest, I've not watched much news lately, so I had no idea about the wildfires there. I pray they don't come too close to your part of OK.

  7. Hi Brooke! How are you doing, friend? I love the scripture verse, and the picture definitely speaks of God's glory.

  8. Hi MM,
    Spectacular picture. Wildfires always produce the most amazing sunsets. You'd have won yourself an award at our county fair with that one.

    One of my husband's businesses is wildland firefighting. We have a water-tender under contract with the DNRC. We're trying to sell it. Too many irons in the fire - we're not spring chickens anymore. As the fires begin to heat up here in Montana, we're getting some interest. Hopefully we'll sell it before the truck gets called out on a fire. We always pray that the fires will avoid homes and stick to the beetle killed areas of the forest that the government refuses to let anyone log anymore... Good grief. (yes, I DO say that! I read your previous post, too. Hope you guys are in a safe area.

    Bless you,

  9. Hi Brooke! I just wanted to say, "Hi!" and let you know that I'm thinking about you and praying for you. Miss your blog posts, friend. I hope all is well. :-)

  10. jsut checking in to make sure I had not missed anything. Where have ya been???

  11. Just had to stop and say hi. I haven't been blogging much! ...Doing a bit more lately... Life has been crazy...I'm sure nothing like yours. I don't know how you guys blog and have kids:))) I hardly have time...being retired!
    Take care!


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