Saturday, July 14, 2012

scripture and snapshot.

i'm glad to say that i have plenty of people in my life that sharpen or challenge me if you will.  people of all ages...they are as different as they come. 

i have a good friend who never ceases to remind me to be humble.  and she does it while not even pointing a finger at me. she doesn't know she's helping me be a better person every time i see her, even when i tell her.  must be because she's humble.  please keep it up.

another friend has taught me that it's not what's on the outside but on the inside that counts.  got tattoos?  fine with me.  dreadlocks?  way cool.  blue and green spiky hair...whatever floats your boat.   i'll never forget when we went to the fair together over sixteen years ago.  she spotted another person she knew who tagged along with us.  sounds innocent enough, right?  only he was wearing a kilt with doc marten boots, and i'm not sure he was Scottish or playing any bagpipes.  the stares we received that night opened my eyes to how judgmental people can be. look at the heart...not the clothes or earrings...not even the plaid skirt.  

another person reminds me not to go to extremes.  there is a happy medium with everything and with my personality well, it's either all or or white. 

i have a friend from another country who is outwardly amazingly on fire for the Lord.  wow is all i gotta say.

yet another has taught me that the people i love make mistakes.  it's not the mistake i should focus on but the love.  forgiveness is everything.

and even my elderly friends remind me to not waste the make each breath count for something.  that the world can be changed by just one person...and if not the whole world than someone's world.

yet, a sweet family reminds me that we aren't of this world, this isn't our home.  we are not our jobs or the cars we drive. we are not defined by the clothes we wear or what college we graduated from.  none of it matters in the end.  this makes me want to live for God more now than ever before.  

i'm blessed to have an array of people in my life to challenge and sharpen me and i pray that in some way i can sharpen them a bit in return.

happy Sunday!


  1. This verse.... this truth ... has been presented to me every day for 8 days in a where ever God is taking us...I need to know that he is changing me... Thank you friend.

  2. Good word, it seems the more we are about our Jesus less judgmental we become. Jesus, He accepted all....and then, to have friends who challenge us to be better, this is what we strive for don't we?

  3. absolutely perfectly said. I have those people in my world too and am so totally grateful for each one.

  4. I love the way we can take these qualities from different friends to better ourselves. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Happy Sunday, Brooke! I loved this post. Well said, and a good reminder to me today to not stress out about the little stuff, but instead forgive, love, and follow God.

    I feel sometimes like having 5 kids is how the Lord is shaping me into the Christian He wants me to be, and I'm constantly failing. I'm babbling here, but I just wanted to say thank you for this post. It came at the right time today.

  6. There is a wonderful message in your words. I always love to be around older people (although the older I get, the harder they are to find) because we can learn so much if we just listen. They are so willing to share if they aren't treated as invisible.

  7. I think that this has got to be one of my favorite posts this week because I feel the raw truth and the beauty of Jesus' heart in your words. I always think of Him and how He related to everyone around Him. And...the way you share the Scripture with the entire post - yes, I LIKE IT!


  8. beautiful, thoughtful post...i've never thought of my friends in this way... i've always tried to be 'self-sharpening'...

  9. How blessed you are to see your blessings in this way! And I'm certain that you are a blessing to many!

  10. You are blessed to have such friends, and to *see* this in your friends :)

    (You were *especially* blessed to have a kilted fella join you ;) ...)

  11. thank you...for sharing...
    that was beautiful. i will try harder to look at my situations differently this week. appreciate my friends/family even more!

  12. Beautiful and the perfect scripture I needed to hear at the moment! Thank you for that!

  13. And today you sharpened me. I need to be reminded and you are absolutely right. The Lord puts so many in our lives to help us be accountable and give us opportunities to grow daily. Thanks!

  14. The body of Christ, with all the different members are needed. Love this post, what a great reminder to take inventory as to what each person God sends our way, teaches us. I've been a bad blogger lately. Taking time to catch up w/ dear friends today. Miss you, hope all is well!!!


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