Saturday, June 9, 2012

a tale of two balloons.

there is a reason my dad {lovingly} compares me to lucille ball. i give you permission to laugh at with me.
this weekend is mountain man's family reunion.  we have family from colorado, texas, arizona, california, alabama and of course oklahoma that we get to spend time with.  they came to our pad today to swim and we had a blast.  tonight is a dinner {at my favorite eats} and i was in charge of the birthday cakes per our very special Gran's request.  she wanted to celebrate an aunt's and our boo's 7th birthday which is tomorrow. i went to pick up the cakes after everyone left for their home/hotel room to rest and shower.  i thought to myself, "why...i should get some balloons to go with the cakes...that will really embarrass them!" like having happy birthday sung by 30 people in the middle of a crowded restaurant isn't bad enough.  little did i know i would be the one embarrassed.
i purchased two cakes, two balloons, purple candles and made it home.  but, i had a dilemma.  what do i carry in first from the car to save our goodies from the Oklahoma heat...the ice cream {for boo's party later}, the cakes with whipped frosting or the balloons?
honestly, i don't remember what i chose but what i do know is that the balloons were not my first in line.  when i went back to the car to retrieve them they were no where to be found!
so...i went back in the house looking around even looking in the laundry room...who knows what this mountain mama can do sometimes!  still no balloons. so i went back to the car and checked around the yard.  i noticed how windy it was but reminded myself the balloons were on weights.
i looked everywhere and they were not in sight. did someone steal the balloons?  did i only imagine taking ten minutes to pick them out?  is the heat getting to me?

  now, it's a challenge.  a mystery to solve.  and, the balloons were $8.  i mean, that's $8 down the drain if i can't locate them.  it may not be much but it's the whole principal, no one even got to enjoy them!
"this is ridiculous", i thought.  seriously.  i kept searching outside.  finally, across the pasture...pass the house, two trucks and the barn i spot the sun shining off the mylar. eureka! apparently i left the car doors open and the wind swept the weighted balloons out far, far away. 
so...i find myself traipsing running across the field where there are stickers {the pointy things that stick to clothes and flesh} wearing my flip flops working up a sweat all the while asking myself if it's really worth $8 and two stinkin' balloons.
i then climbed over the fence that is charged with electricity {don't worry, i was careful} and grabbed those silly little inflatables. 
i walked home near the street wondering if the drivers of the passing cars were wondering why a woman was carrying two balloons in a horse pasture with sweat dripping down her face walking like she was afraid of stepping in manure. 
hey... at least i didn't waste 8 bucks. and those birthday girls had better enjoy their balloons!!
the end.  happy birthday!  love y'all!


  1. You are my kind of girl...would of done the same thing:)

  2. LOL! I'm glad you could find them. =) Tell Boo happy birthday from us.

  3. Well 8 bucks is 8 bucks. I love the picture you created in my head. You look good if not a little rumpled. What no manure what happened to the mountain girl?
    Happy Birthday to all you have such a fun life my friend. Lots of family love there is nothing better. Hugs B

  4. I am getting a visual of you running after these balloons. You made me smile. Tell Boo hapoy birthday! I remember her 5th birthday. How time flies.


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