Thursday, May 3, 2012

thoughtful thursday.


"a boy is trust with dirt on his face, beauty with a cut on his finger, wisdom with bubble gum in his hair and the hope of the future with a frog in his pocket.  wonder.  dream.  play. explore. find. discover."  ~author unknown

here is an excerpt from thie morning's antics..getting trooper ready for preschool and then driving him there...sounds easy, doesn't it?

mountain mama: please go to the bathroom, it's time to brush teeth.
trooper: did you say get my fishing pole?
mountain mama:'s time to brush teeth.  {i reach for the tooth brush drawer...}
trooper: oh...can i play?
mountain mama: no, it's time to brush your teeth.

i then request his attention to blow his nose.  it went great the first blow and the second time around he just stood there.

mountain mama: uh...blow, please.
trooper: it's out of batteries. it takes double a's.   {i guess his blower ran out of juice?}
mountain mama: {i then pretend to put batteries in then back of his neck}
trooper: {blows his nose without a hitch}
mountain mama: thank you.

so...after he's dressed, brushed and has a fairly clean nose we load up in the car. 

trooper: mama, do snakes eat apples?
mountain mama: uh..not sure.  doubt it.
trooper: mama...can a snake eat a buffalo?
mountain mama:  not unless it's a tiny baby buffalo. 
trooper: can a snake kill a bear? 
mountain mama: uh...not unless it's a tiny cub.  maybe if the snake is poisonous and bites the bear a lot.  or maybe a constricting snake.
trooper: do horses eat apple stems?
mountain mama: yes.

then the kids start talking to each other which gives my brain time to recover from being stretched before fully being awake.  this is what i over heard.

trooper: i wish i could change into anything i wanted.

more chatter back and forth.

trooper to scout: you're talking too loud in my ear...and you're talking too much.

scout: you're one to talk.

and there you have it. 

this is my hope.  that i never, ever forget these moments.  the moments that are silly, the ones that frustrate me or irritate me.  the moments that melt my heart or make me get out of my comfort zones.  the moments that go by all too quickly while life gets played out in warp speed. 


  1. Oh, it is my hope as cherish and remember these sweet moments from childhood. We had a pirate, who moonlighted as a doctor/vet for the dog, at our house this morning. Love the wonder and imagination and curiousity of childhood!

  2. I agree, don't you just want to freeze frame some of these moments?

  3. that's why i love digital memories with photos that i will never forget...

    like my blog for today...i hope reid never changes....well i mean i don't want him doing this at 15 but you know what i mean! haha

  4. Oh how I miss that craziness!!Enjoy it while you can!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. I know I've said it before, cherish these moments! My how I miss those days, when both gals were buckled up in the back seat, in their car seats. And the conversations we used to have, sweet, sweet memories!!! Cherish all this in your heart and whatever you do, don't blink!

  6. Oh yes sweetie, the moments and years slip by faster then you can every imagine!!!

    Seems like yesterday when I was hearin', "Mama, he's lookin' at me funny" remarks.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a remarkable day.

    Those moments come back...though the grandkiddos....'just sayin'! :o)


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