Saturday, May 12, 2012

a mother's day thought...

{trooper, my 9 lb. baby}

"Whatever you do as a woman or as a mom, never forget that trust and obedience is paramount.  As mothers, never for one second forget that you were meant to be the mother of your children at this time in this place.  It is a divine appointment, a charge given to you by God.  No other woman will ever be as important to your children as you.  How you decide to handle this truth will shape your parenting from this generation forward.  Remember, motherhood is as much about you as it will ever be about your children."

happy mother's day to all you mamas and grandmamas! 

~Catherine Hickem Heaven In Her Arms


  1. Beautiful. Happy Mother's Day to all. B

  2. Love that! Happy mothers day to you, friend!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Mountain Mama!!!!!

    The Day that M1 was born...My husband set me down and said, " Only YOU will know better than anyone else what this little girl needs.. Never let anyone tell you different from what you know. I will be there for any battle, but you may even need to remind ME, that you know what is best..."

    I love him more every day for those words.. and for the daughters that we have. I thank God for such blessings.

  4. What a great picture..mama!

  5. I've never read that quote - such powerful words. Love the part "divine appointment" Yes, it is so important to remember this mothering is so vital and necessary for my children, but for me too. Thanks for sharing them, and I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


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