Friday, May 25, 2012

a laughing matter...or not.

okay...well, we are still alive and kickin'.  the pic above has nothing to do with this post but who can resist a horse smiling?? 

my absence is due to many things...boycotting blogger's dashboard change for one.  when i was a young girl i would go with my grandma to sell avon.  i couldn't believe me ears when the little old ladies would complain and complain about their favorite fragrance or lipstick being discontinued.  fast forward more than twenty years and you find me...totally resisting change.  why change it if it works?!! mix that with our camera charger being lost and blogger not working right and you find me missing for a few days err weeks here in blog land.  i did finally break down and purchase a new charger...for under $5.  yay ebay. 

and i've been taking this time to organize our home...still more to donate and sell after all our moving.  stuff, it's just stuff.  i'm tired of stuff.

we miss the mountains, no doubt about it.  the kids too.  we miss the beauty, the simplicity.  in the mountains, there were no birthday parties, meetings, no stop lights, traffic, sonic...nothing to distract you.  and, get this, i'm even tired of taco bueno.  i know, what's gotten into me?

we have been keeping busy...still homeschooling during the summer.  taking small trips which i'll write about soon. 

pickin' blackberries, swimming, trips to the library, piano lessons, time with family and friends.

in the kitchen i have been "cooking" healthier.  think more raw food, flax seed and using the juicer.  time to put all my head knowledge to use.  i may be writing more about that soon too.

so, that's it in a nut shell.  trying to keep the mountain way of life alive here in the city.  fine tuning our parenting goals, our marriage and household.  can the mountain way of life really exist here in the city when there is so much fighting for our attention and time?

and that's nothing to laugh at.  {okay, okay i had to tie the picture is some how}


  1. I can understand where you are at! Good to hear from you!

  2. Hey, nice to hear from you! I've been a bit MIA from blogging too.

    I'm curious, where are you getting your materials/ideas from for summer homeschooling? I want to keep up with my boy's schooling over the summer but I don't have a clue about homeschooling.

  3. Oh, how I understand that - 'trying to keep the mountain way of life alive here in the city' - we are so trying to have a country lifestyle smack dab in the middle of a development. Yep, we are even on the corner (on display, if you will). How we long for our children to have a relaxed home and family life - so much competes for time and energy. OH, and stuff - probably shouldn't get me started on that - but we may just be selling/giving away more than we are keeping - seriously. I'm so tired of stuff holding us back from living life, ya know?! Glad to hear you are all well and having a great start to your summer!

  4. I COMPLETELY agree about blogger change...I dislike it greatly. I find it hard to manuever around. Not Happy.

    Have missed ya but totally happens. Take care and have a wonderful and blessed Memorial Weekend!

  5. Glad you are back, I missed your updates, sounds like all is well!

  6. I think you my dear can put the mountains any where you are. I love that about you. Have a nice weekend. B

  7. We aren't in the mountains, but we aren't in the city either. So you can just move here. My in-laws have horses. You can even make some of your rabbit stew with all of the rabbits that keep trying to get in my garden. ;) I know you must be dying to move again. Not.

  8. i'm glad someone else types all lowercase!! my pinky always hits something other than 'shift' & i lose what i've done, so i changed for my pinky's sake!! when we built our new 'little' retirement home, i put in stone, tile, granite, etc. to remind me of 2 things: staying in condos in CO mtns on vaca and our trips to Italy, my two favorite places! light terracotta on walls, Italian decorations, garden-flower'd accessories, and rustic mtn elements(orange/brown stone to remind me of Red Rock in CO). i think of it like living in a little larger mtn condo!! most of my decs are momentos of our travels! my island pendant light shades ARE Italian glass! surround yourself with mtn momentos!! i'm starting to read more about 'clean' foods! good for you! ^)^linda

  9. Good to see you back. I love the beauty of horses. I've only been on a horse once and that was about 30 years ago. I know, I know, I'm from Oklahoma, but I've always lived in the city. Anyway, I just think they are such beautiful animals!

  10. Oh goodness...I would have a hard time in the city. Hang in there, it sounds like your finding your ground there right where you are at. I'd love to see some of your healthier cooking ideas when you get a millisecond to post some! :)

  11. I find it so refreshing to be mia for a while... Although if it is merged with techie frustration that's never good. I hate change too. It seems to get harder the older I get. :)

    I can only imagine how much you are missing your country life. I have a sick friend right now and wish we lived in a smaller community. It is so hard when we are driving all over the place to really help each other...

    I like to find a few more 'wild' places near my home where we go and pretend we are out in the middle of nowhere.

  12. It's so fun to read your blog again. It's been awhile for me to catching up on blogs. Love that you have been carrying on with a busy family life and spending less time blogging like I have been. I'm anxious to hear about the flax seed. We raise flax in North Dakota and I purchase it. It goes in just about everything for us!

  13. Great tie in, the picture is funny! Good to hear from you, life sounds very busy. It's been harder to make time for regular blogging for me as well. I don't like the Blogger changes either, it's hard for me to navigate and remember where everything is. They didn't ask us, did they???

    Oh the mountains, we saw a show this past weekend, where some men were fishing the Snake River, north of where the lodge is located. That was one unique experience for you all, I'm sure you'll long for those days for quite some time. Just one visit there for us, and goodness, what it did to us...can't imagine how much more it pulls on your heart after having lived there. Praying that you find a way to block out all the culture in the city, that you don't want to be a part of, and find those places of refuge away from the busyness and noise. Hugs MM!!!


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