Thursday, May 10, 2012

a horse lover's homeschool {or anytime} dream.

there is no doubt that boo bear's favorite thing to do is not school.   she would much rather be horsin' around.  and i do mean actual horsin' around.  she talks, reads, breathes, draw, pretends horses.  my mom actually bought her knee pads so she wouldn't damage her knees pretending to be a pony or percheron.  and at night she kicks her walls while sleeping and we laugh saying she even horses around in her sleep.  this girl is in love with anything equine rattling off names, facts and characteristics.

i quickly realized i would need to teach her differently than scout.  for instance, i gave boo information about place value.  when i was done talking she just looked at me.  hmmm...after some prayer i knew what i had to do.  with a hand drawn barn and some stacks of hay she quickly grasped the concept of place value!  in handwriting...the horse can't cross the "street".  you get my point.

at the homeschool fair this past week i was thrilled to find "Circle C Beginnings" books by Susan K. Marlow.  the books looked so appealing i bought the entire set on site and the author even signed them for boo. 

these stories are kid and family friendly.  not only do the engage boo but the website offers free printable worksheets that correlate with each book. lap books are also available for purchase. these books have helped her enjoy school even that much more!!  she is more excited to read and to sit still to do the dreaded work sheets! =)  and once we finish these books, we'll move on to the "big girl" books.

i highly recommend these books, i wasn't paid or asked to endorse.


  1. It's amazing how differently each of our boys are even though they have the same set of parents...they each react so differently to the same things...even today! I did not home school...we had a wonderful private school here, but I did it all summer long, so I understand will pay off!

  2. So glad you found something that works for her! :) I am also amazed at how differently each kid learns.

  3. as a retired school teacher(band director for elem/ms) i fully understand how differently kids learn!! it's great to find something that nurtures a child's passion while teaching them at the same time!! good job, mom!!! ^)^linda

  4. Good for you for teaching her how she learns best! Love that top picture is that from one of the books you purchased?

  5. Oh my goodness, she and Ms. W were cut from the same cloth. W once had a room decked out in all things horsey. She and one of her friends would play horses, w/ the figurines. They whinnied and neighed, and understood one another somehow???ha

    Isn't it fun when you find just the right thing needed for them to make school enjoyable? I'll have to look up the name of this one book W did for art, it was all horses, I know Boo Bear would love it!


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