Friday, May 11, 2012

here he is...

remember the street preacher i wrote about a few weeks ago?  well, here he is in all his glory.  watch it and you'll see what i mean.  {scroll down and hit the red letters.}

we stopped to chat again today.  john isn't into religion.  he's not even too thrilled with the church at times.  he doesn't care what the latest fad is or what music is popular.  he just cares about one thing.  and i hafta tell ya, i couldn't agree more.

way to go to channel 8 {someone who doesn't watch TV is saying this} for posting some good news...


  1. Alright...that is so cool!! we need more people like him!!

  2. Hey happy mountain mama! Just wanted to let you know that I realy enjoyed reading your blog. It's funny, I'm a mountain girl and God has led me to a new llfe here in AZ from MT. I do miss MT, the four wheeling, hunting, being in the great outdoors, yet I know GOD led me here for a reason. I don't have my "mountain man" yet, I do know that GOD is teaching me patience and to live through him everyday. GOD does work in mysterious ways. I wish you and your family the best. Many blessings to you!!


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