Tuesday, May 15, 2012

heaven in her arms ~ book review

Heaven in Her Arms by Caterhin Hickem. 

i remember when i uttered the words a few short years ago..."i mean...really...what's the big deal about Mary, Jesus' mom anyway...if she would have said no about the whole thing God just would have found another willing young lady..."

have i ever told how often i've put my foot in my mouth? 

of course any book about Mary, the mother of Jesus, will be full of guesses and speculations because we just don't know for sure how she felt or what her life was really like.  but, if anyone should speculate it should be Catherin Hickem.  she has spent thirty years as a psychotherapist counseling countless moms.  she knows moms.  and she knows scripture.

but, this book isn't just about Mary, and what a God fearing woman she was.  this book is about all moms.  all of our struggles, downfalls, heartache, sleepless nights...

"To have faith in the midst of turmoil or the unknown is the true revelation of what we believe about the character and nature of God."

and what about the process of "letting go"?  eventually our baby birds will leave the nest.  if anyone knows about letting go of their children, it's Mary.  can you even imagine watching your child suffer so?

"Mary knew there was a time when she would have to begin letting go so that her son could go on and fulfill his God-given purpose.  It began in a temple with an inquisitive adolescent who didn't follow His parents home.  Where will it begin for you?  And when it does, will you, like Mary, recognize that your child is increasing in "wisdom and stature" and begin the tough process of letting go?"

this book is full of parts of Mary's motherhood that will make the reader think and evaluate her own life.  it is well written, the author tells a few stories of the women she has counseled.  it's also packed with wisdom and i'll leave you with this:

"As important as your children are, what will really matter in the end is who you believe you are as a woman and how that forms your motherhood.  Becoming a woman who fully trusts the Lord and leaning into the journey of motherhood will reveal many imperfections and weaknesses."

many thanks to booksneeze for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest book review.

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