Tuesday, May 15, 2012

blind hope ~ book review

Kim Meeder and her husband have a youth ranch which pairs broken hearted kids with abused horses...there has been much healing as a result.  here is the link to their ranch named crystal peaks youth ranch.

i love what Kim does to help people and animals and she's a great author as well.  this story is about one of her employee/friend's fate when she volunteers to adopt a dog that has been severely mistreated...her entire life changes for the better.  it's amazing to hear how many things she learns from one blind dog with bad breath.

"Mia {the dog} lives her life in a way that proclaims the grass isn't greener on the other side - it's greener where you water it!"

"what i'm starting to grasp for the first time is that love doesn't just come in; we choose to let it in."

this is a great story of how a stubborn woman who is closed off to anything deep and personal is slowly transformed by the unconditional love of her adopted animal.  overall, it's a great book. 


i really don't like that there is a but.  i haven't authored a book so who am i to criticize?  but, i promised to give my honest opinion so i will.

Mrs. Meeder is a talented author only it was a bit uncomfortable how she wrote about her friend's most personal thoughts and details in their many conversations over the span of when the transformation happened. {i know my memory is not that good in remembering details.}  i felt like i was eavesdropping in their heart-to-hearts.  i suppose i'm used to reading books about the author's own life and i still wasn't used to the change by the conclusion. 

if you love animals and love a good story about redemption, change and love then you'll love this book!

thank you blogging for books for the complimentary copy in exchange for a book review!


  1. I read Kim's first book years ago on a family vacation. The stories she told broke my heart. An abused animal lending healing to an abused/neglected child. Amazing.

    Thanks for your opinion on her latest book. I don't think I could read it. I'm not in a place where I'd want to choose a book that would break my heart. I've got enough of that going on in my life right now without voluntarily adding to it! I appreciate your insight that you felt as if you were eavesdropping. That would be too much for me, too.

    These days I'm just looking for more insight into who He is. No extra emotion required. Just Jesus and the Cross. That's where I'm at.

    Enjoying your other reviews, too.

  2. I love Kim Meeder. We have two of her books, and I heard her just the other day on a radio program, sharing about another book she's written. Hopefully the details she shared in this one, she shared with permission. I would guess the other person wanted this story told and trusted Kim to share the details. I've not been able to comment for days, finally back! Don't know what was wrong. Glad it's fixed!


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