Wednesday, April 18, 2012

texas, here we come!

well, my friend had her sweet baby girl about four hours after we left her home!  can't wait to sneak a peek soon!  we'll be cooking up a storm for them!

and...i figured what better day to finish the dissertation then the day the baby we've all been waiting forever to hold arrived.  so, yours truly stayed up til 'bout midnight doing finishing touches, not without some dr. pepper mind you.  so, now both "babies" are done cooking!

today, it is printed and spiral bound ready to be shipped.  hallelujah and amen.

i was thinking. i've been working on school since i've been trooper's mama.  he's never known any difference.  well, that's about to change!  soon, i'll be able to focus all my attention to my sweet dumplings.

{technically i have one more super duper hard question to finish about ph balance, urine levels, saliva, salt numbers, blah, blah...}

which reminds celebrate the ending of so many things and the beginning of something new, we're taking a girlie road trip!  we can't wait to make it to country living's fair in austin next weekend!  the girls will be shopping and the boys will be do lots 'o fishing.

what could be better?

here's to being done.  yee-haw.


  1. We were in Austin last month. It is my hometown (Round Rock and Austin). Have fun, I know you will. You need to hit IKEA in Round Rock. :) The furnishings are very modern all put together, but individually there are great finds at great prices.

  2. Oh, fun fun stuff awaits you!! Sad you will be on the other side of the state though!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it! And praise the Lord for no more school work!! :)

  3. Yeah - Congrats! Sounds like a fun time to celebrate.

  4. Good for you! Have a great Texas trip!

  5. congrats on finishing your dissertation!!

  6. Oh how exciting Texas will be fun.
    Congrats on the dissertation YEAH freedom. B

  7. Congratulations!!! I could almost hear your sigh of relief when you finished it all the way in Ohio! :) I hope your Texas trip turns out to be a perfect celebration trip. Enjoy your time.

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Have some big-time Texas fun on your trip! You do deserve it!!! Sending you a message, got some good news to share w/ you! Hugs friend! I'll drink a Dr. Pepper in honor of you!

  9. HOORAY! Glad your paper (sorry...I should definately say DISSERTATION) is finished! I'll drink the even more poisinous version....DIET Dr. Pepper in honor of your achievement! Have a great time in Texas!

  10. Oh, you lucky duck! I've seen their ad in the Country Living magazine and it looks SO fun! Have a great time!

  11. awww man i thought that meant you were moving here....was hoping you were planting in my neck of the woods for a spell!!!
    have fun at the fair!

  12. Congratulations! What an accomplishment. You're right - can't beat spending those extra hours with your kids. Homeschooling and working on a dissertation. Simplifying = finishing the dissertation!! Wow. You're amazing.

  13. Awesome!! Way to go!! I can't wait to finish school one day- I am doing things a little out of order, but I'll get there one day :) Have fun at the fair! we have the country living fair here too and they are always great! ~lily


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