Wednesday, April 11, 2012


lit·er·al - following basic meaning: adhering strictly and concisely to the basic meaning of a word or text

i am a literal person.  what you see is what you get.  i don't beat around the bush.  i am not a rule breaker.  life is black or white. and i certainly don't like fairy tales...happily ever after my foot unless of course we're talking above heaven.


i haven't always been so.

for instance, my daddy always told me never to put anything in a light socket or mess with wires and such.  okay...that's straight and to the point.

but...does it mean that every time someone sticks a paper clip in a socket their hair will stand on end?  or maybe just some of the time? 

picture this...

20 something years ago there was a little girl with long curls and a pretty little dress visiting a church.  this sweet little girl had to go potty so she found the bathroom.  she was surprised to see mirrors outlined with white light bulbs like the movie stars use.  after going potty she washed her hands as she was taught and went to peek at her appearance.  upon first glance she noticed one of the light bulbs missing exposing two nice little wires.

hmmm...she thought to herself...daddy told me never to play with electrical things. that all the time?  what if it's a pretty light?  what if i'm at church?  would i be more protected here?  no...he said never and it means never.


she could not stand the temptation...she ever so slowly reached her right pointer finger and thumb towards the two cute little wires and touched them together.

in an instant, this sweet innocent girl felt a shock and her fingers turned a nice shade of black.

yes...daddy was serious.  when he says never he means never. 

that was an experience that shaped who i am today as silly as it sounds. i've heard it said that the relationship we have with our earthly father influences how we perceive our heavenly Father. 

when we moved to georgia we lived through the worst days of our lives.  i struggled to be a good wife and mom but all i could do was get myself out of bed in the morning and dress myself and the kids.  life was being played in slow motion and i was stuck smack dab in the middle.

i literally was not sure if we could take another day...

indeed...we were in a valley.  a valley of uncertainty and of unknowns.  a valley of physical and emotional pain.  a valley that i never want to visit again.

but...God didn't fail us.  He never left.  He was there through it all.  when he says, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you," He's serious. notice there's that never word again. He's being literal and i like that in a daddy. 

i get literal.

but, that's not the end of the story. 

you see, one has to go through the valley to really appreciate when they are in the mountains...can i get an amen?

after moving from georgia to idaho i remember standing on top of a mountain looking miles and miles away...i felt like i could conquer the world.  breathing in the Creator's handiwork, letting my eyes feast on the colors and my ears take in the sounds of the river.  watching the goats frolic in the mountains and feeling the sun on my face.

it was too much...i was head over heels happy. i realized what an amazingly awesome God we serve.  i don't know how to best describe it...being wrapped in his creation everyday.  it was something i've never experienced.

i didn't deserve it.  and i still don't.  

one must go through the valley to really enjoy when they are standing upon the mountain...literally.

one of my blogger friends from georgia emailed me this poem penned by none other than herself.  i liked the poem when i read in idaho but i love it now. i've had time to digest all that we went through.  thank you lynn for your thoughtfulness.

as i reflect, i see that God was communicating to me in a way only a Father can with his child.  i was stubborn and was not going to change for anyone. 

until, He took me to the valley. then showed me the mountains. and He's got me.

Beginning Again

I sat alone with the Lord
My heart bleeding inside
“How do I begin again?”
To my Father I cried

“Put your hand in mine
I’ll walk with you each step
Put your trust in me
For I know just how to help”

So I put my hand in His
He helped me to my feet
First one step, then two
The hills became so steep

Then through the valleys we went
So far away from the sun
“Don’t let go of my hand
For your journey has just begun”

Though the storms raged
And the nights seemed so long
I knew that my Lord
Would never lead me wrong

At the end of the journey
On the mountaintop we stood
I was thankful for the experience
For at last I understood

I must go through the valleys
And feel the rain on my face
It’s then I grow close to Him
And understand the gift of grace

Lynn Langford


  1. This post brings tears to my eyes. Literally.


  2. The Third Day song playing as I read this, cemented the promise He has made to His children, to never leave us nor forsake us. What a beautiful poem. We were talking about Idaho just yesterday. Love your first picture!

  3. Oh my cannot know how much I needed to read this today. I've been in a valley for a couple of weeks. TEARS, tears....thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Beautiful testimony and lovely poem by your friend - gave me chills reading this...I too hold onto His word, His promise, to NEVER leave. Oh, sometimes in those valleys, it seems like He isn't there, but that isn't true, He really is ALWAYS there.

  5. Beautiful post and poem! The valleys hurt, but oh how much more glorious the mountains are after a little perspective :)

  6. such an elegant poem! i echo all the sentiments above... ^)^linda

  7. Girl!!! You get an AMEN... and such perfect timing....We are stuck in a small valley... and we know from experience that the mountain will be great!!!!

    Thank you

  8. May I borrow your poem to give to a friend in need? Thank you for your beautiful words.

  9. OOHHHH so so true.... but isn't that valley so hard at times...we just have to remember HE is faithful...

  10. What a fantastic post, MM. And what a wonderful poem. You're right - we do have to experience the valleys to *really* appreciate the mountain tops.
    Thanking our Father that He really does MEAN what He SAYS


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