Monday, April 9, 2012

the kids take on mama.

                               {trooper, nephew, scout and boo on Easter day}

i saw this on southern fried family blog and i loved the idea, i hope heather lynn doesn't mind me copying the questions. 

here are the kids' answers about their mama, straight from their mouths.  it takes some bravery because we all know how honest kids can be!   it was interesting for us to compare their answers...mountain man and i had a good laugh with this.  the first answer is scout who is 9, the purple answer is boo bear who is 6 and the green answer is trooper who is four.  believe it or not, they were pulled aside and asked individually.

here we go...

What is something your mama always says? mama loves you.  she loves me.  you love me.

What makes your mama sad? when we disobey.  when i disobey.  being mean and disobeying.

What makes mama happy?  when we obey. when we obey.  being funny.
 How does your mama make you laugh? tickles me.  by tickling me.  bein' that correct?

How do you make your mama laugh?  jumping in the swimming pool.  by tickling her and by doing funny faces. bein' silly and using my imagination.

What was your mama like as a child?  red hair, blue eyes and had a dog.  and had a cat. sweet.  when you were a kid your rode your bike in a neighborhood.  or was that when you were a teenager?  and visited your friends house.  i don't know...what?

How old is your mama?  34.  34.  34.

How tall is your mama? 4 feet tall.  5 feet.  5 feet.

What is her favorite thing to do? take care of us.  read her bible.  spend time with your family and be godly.

What does your mama do when you're not around? she works on her dissertation.  works on her laptop or computer.  doin' your dissertation...i don't like dissertations.  If your mama becomes famous, what will it be for? being a good mommy.  nothing.  uh...bein' happy.

What is your mama really good at? feeding us. and cleaning.  and doing the dishes.  and doing laundry.  and that's it.  but don't write that's it because you do a lot more stuff, it would just take up a lot more room.  spending time with her kids, cooking, cleaning, washing and i'm good at making stir frys.  um...doing the dishes, ironing, cooking, working and cooking.  and ironing.

 What is your mama not very good at?   nothing.  ummm...eating pancakes and she's very picky about her breakfast.  hunting.

 What's your mama's favorite food? waffles.  taco bueno.  taco bueno.

What do you and your mom do together? go shopping.  do...well, i can't think of it.  play games and um...and puzzles, read books, make dinner, look through stuff...

Where is your mama's favorite place to go?  the gap.  taco bueno.  taco that correct?

How are you and your mom the same?  we both have blue eyes.  no way.  we both have brown hair.

How are you and your mom different?  she has red hair, i have blond hair.  we take different vitamins.  i'm a boy and you're a that correct?  good.

How do you know your mom loves you?  she tells me everyday.  because she tells me everyday.  by kisses.

i love these kids and i have the best "job" in the entire world!


  1. Absolutely precious, their answers made me smile!

  2. I love this I wanna do this! Woe, those kids know that their Momma loves them! They all seem to have the same answers on many, they know you pretty well, and doesn't it make you feel good that they know what makes you happy is family and God. I hope I show this to be true and apparent with my boys!

  3. Very precious! Make sure you save this! You'll love reading this in the future. Trooper did make me lol w/ some of his answers. Very sweet children!

  4. Cute...oh how that changes..when they grow up:)...Love the picture of your kidlets!!!

  5. Absolutely adorable and put a big smile on my face. What wonderful children you have. :)

  6. That was very cute. I'll have to remember this for Mother's Day.

  7. That was a delightful post. Thank you for sharing it.

    ☺ Hope


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