Sunday, April 15, 2012

the cupcake craze.

i enjoy sweets with the best of 'em.  i've noticed a trend in cupcakes as i'm sure you have too.  you'd have to live on the moon...or in the mountains to not know the current fad.  i can live with speciality cupcake shops.  even the cupcakes of meatloaf and mashed potatoes don't bother me. i mean, how fun would that be for a kid to consume dinner from a cupcake liner?  but...this has got to "take the cake."  seriously. 

the newest cupcake trend is an ACM. you ACM?  hello? okay, i was clueless too...glad i wasn't the only one.  my dad and little brother keep this country gal in the loop!  it stands for Automatic Cupcake Machine of course.  they are in beverly hills.  not here in oklahoma, but i bet you guessed that already.  although we could have our own speciality cupcake called "cow patty surprise."  or not.  check out the line of people waiting to get their hands on one! 

so what's your take on this cupcake craze?

and my friends with motherly instincts will appreciate this.  my 14 year old brother is taking flying lessons.  yup.  here he is checking the fuel before take off.  Lord help his sister when he starts flying...i'm a bit too much like our grandma =)  he's really gonna "fly the coop" one day.

enough puns for one day. much love to my family in cali.  and no, your eyes aren't playing tricks. the pictures refuse to cooperate tonight. 


  1. That is nuts! Cupcake machines?! I am a cookie person, myself.
    Your brother is flying? Now that its pretty cool. I can see how scary it is, too. But definitely cool!!

  2. Good gravy! That is crazy, I've never heard of such a thing. :-o I think I'd rather my unhealthy food be homemade though. ;-)
    Thanks for keeping up blogging! We miss yall.
    Lots of love,

  3. First off I actually enjoyed laying down looking at your photos:) Second now I want a cupcake ans yes it is crazy. Third flying nephew yikes. Take care B

  4. Haha! my neck gotta good ol strecth outa this post!

    that is weird if ya ask me! funny little machine!

  5. Okay....WHAT?!
    How strange is THAT!

  6. What a crazy idea for buying a cupcake...only in Beverly Hills would they wait in line to buy a cupcake from a machine!Have a great evening...I got a good workout looking at your pictures!!

  7. That is the darndest thing...cupcake vending machine...hhhmmmm.

    Wow, I'm impressed with your little brother! That's awesome!


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