Friday, April 27, 2012

Checking in from texas...

Here are a couple of sites from country living magazine's fair today. It's safe to say there were hundreds of people. We shopped for about 6 hours. We'll shop more on our way home in the morning in different towns. Texas seems to be very patriotic with flags everywhere. And they love their trucks. And boots. I know what y'all are thinkin'...we fit right in. Yee-haw.  I think you're right.


  1. So fun you are enjoying BIG Texas! I would also fit right in with boots and a big truck.

  2. Oh Texas IS awesome! I love how they have such State pride, how they love big trucks :-D :-D :-D and everything is so country (even in the city it's the theme!) That's great y'all can have such fun out there!
    Love y'all

  3. Yes, Texas is very into flags (the U.S. and the Texas flag). I miss Texas. Have fun!!


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