Monday, April 30, 2012

home again, home again...

19 water towers
10 + dead armadillos
4 dr. peppers
1 assist from the highway patrol

overall, it was a great trip!  the girls and i took my MIL to texas over the weekend.  country living magazine's fair was good.  i say good and not great because they need to work out the kinks with food service.  long lines.  and high prices.  $3 for a small bag of chips.  highway robbery 'tis.

the girls LOVED staying in a hotel for a couple of nights.  we served scout breakfast in bed and i think she thought she was a queen for a brief moment.

we did stop at IKEA on the way home and picked up a few goodies...again, long lines...but less expensive grub.  we had fun watching for water towers in all the towns we drove through.

but, i'm sure y'all are wondering about the highway patrolmann assist.

after many hours of driving we were finally in the home stretch, we were almost home and missing the boys like crazy.  {trooper caught a huge catfish by himself at the lake.}  mountain meme was on the phone with the boys and i was driving.  i saw the turnpike sign, she signaled that way and the GPS told me to go there as well so took that exit i did.  i gave her a thumbs up as we boogied along.

mountain meme got off the phone and said..."uh, this doesn't look right..."  so i asked the nice lady at the toll booth if that was the way to the town we needed.  she said, "no, that would be the other way."  

so i smiled and asked how far away the next exit was...and she said, "25 miles."  my smile quickly faded, two thumbs down for sure.  i then suggested turning around and she said it was a $375 fine.  i then almost suggested backing up in the toll booth but i had a feeling she wouldn't go for that either.  she did tell us what we could do... 

instead of going 50 miles out of our way we dialed *55 for the very nice highway patrol.  an officer showed up in less than ten minutes to escort us across the median. 

he put on his hat, had lights flashing and asked for my license.  i thanked him and said, "just to let you know i have a conceal and carry..."  he said okay and then his eyebrows shot straight up.  "you do?" he said.  i tried to hold in my chuckle, i guess there aren't too many pistol packin' mamas.

anyway, he escorted us in turning around where it would normally be the nice little fine.   so...does that mean we legally broke the law?  whatever it means, we are very grateful for the men and women who put their lives on line to protect us.

so, here we are...home again, home again jigetty jig and we have a busy week.  i thought since my school was complete things would slow down...but i was way wrong! 

and a couple of side notes:  there is a reason for the lack of pictures.  we {as in i} lost the charger to our camera during the cruise.  so, we can't use it.  i keep thinking it will show up but no such luck.  anyway, the pics have all been from my phone and i do miss taking shots of life in general.

and today while we were waiting in line to get trooper from preschool i noticed a fire extinguisher on the front porch of the neighboring house to the one mountain man helped put out the fire.  live and learn, live and learn.

as for an update on the "texas sized miracle kid" he headed back to school today!  his grandma said he had could actually see tire marks on his abdomen/hip area but no broken bones!!  thank you all for rejoicing with us and for your prayers...God is so good!

so that's it, we're looking forward to a week full of homeschooling, piano lessons, homeschool fair, planning birthdays, celebrating graduations...



  1. Well sister, ya can actually say..."what a ride'! Very smart of ya dialin' up the Good Officer. I'm so glad he was able to help ya outta a jam like that.

    Good to hear the little man is back in school. God is so awesome!

    Have a blissfully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  2. These are the best kind of family road trip adventures :-)

  3. what an adventure.. and ya were in the great state of Texas and did not call..hmmph

  4. Glad you all are back home, safe and sound. PPMM, your new initials, Pistol Packin' Mountain Mama!!! So good to hear the little Texan is back in school! Yes, yes, God is so good!

  5. hmmm maybe I won't take a road trip with you!! LOL...sounds like a super back to life:O)

  6. To bad about the charger. Your road antics sound like fun:) Back to normal is always a good thing. Take care. B

  7. Oh goodness what an adventure...I see I have some catching up to do on your posts.


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