Thursday, March 8, 2012

this mama ain't perfect & one big {happy} family.

i'm never quite sure what will come out of one of our sweet children's mouths or ...when i turn the corner just what i'll see.

you may remember this post in which their creative streak is was the girls' idea to give trooper a beard with washable markers.  when it's time to shave he just uses a wet sponge!  great idea in theory...only the word "washable" printed on markers doesn't always mean comes out easily with water with no extra time and effort from the mama.  and don't get me started on what toxins could be in the ink.

so the other day the girls were super excited and i couldn't wait to see what all the hubaloo was about.  as you can see trooper is sporting a new beard.  only this one is made out of yarn and a rabbit tail.  a real one.  i didn't even know they had a rabbit tail in their arsenal of toys. is that a typical toy these days? where have i been?  oh, and that ax isn't real, no worries.  he's quite the handsome woodsmen, eh? 

the girls also assembled a tie for him made out of the sunday comics. i have a feeling he will feel the brunt of their creative streaks for years to come.

today boo rigged up a clothesline through the living room displaying undies and socks for the world to see..."surely, they didn't put bloomers on the line for boys to see back in the old days," exclaimed scout.  i wasn't sure what to say so i just smiled and mumbled something.  but...i sensed they wanted me to say more. 

truth be told, i had the digestion of felines going through my brain
thanks to this brain is full of animal facts and remedies. 

i hate to let the kids down.  but, really...they think i'm a walking encyclopedia.  cow have mastitis?  goat have gout?  i've gotcha covered. 

but, after countless questions about subjects only professor Einstein himself would know {the nice postal employee filled my kids in on him!} i finally said, "scout...i just don't know...let's google it."  she had inquired the date and inventor of socks.  her reply? 

" sure don't know much, do you?"

uh...okay...moving on.

{isn't that what google is for?}

we were in the car driving extra miles because mama missed the exit off the highway.  the girls started talking about the little old lady they sat with at church and if that was okay. i assured them it was because i was right behind them.  then the girls started discussing which old lady it was.  

"was she the one we saw at the post office?"


"how 'bout the one at the chiropractor's?"


trooper could stand it no more.  he exclaimed, "it was the old lady with wrinkles on her face!"

he's a wise one that kid it is.

so wise that he thinks he has love all figured out.  after i agreed to what he wanted to do he said, "mama...i sure love you.  especially when i get my way." i giggled. he's really honest too if you didn't notice.  but don't but think he got off easy.  

" is not something that can be switched off and on.  you love mommy when you get your way and when you don't.  and i love you all the time too."

he just looked at me.  he could have mumbled something too.  {now where did he get that incredibly irritating habit from?}

yeah...mmm...that went well. i'm not at expert in the invention of socks, the identity of the cute old lady or even exactly what toys my kids own.  and i get distracted while driving. and i have a one track mind.  i'm not perfect.

but, i know one thing.

i know that i love those kids with a passion.  and they love me too.  faults and all.

now...i'm off to learn about socks.

and since i'm pressed for blogging time i'm smashing two posts's that for efficiency?  take that einstein!

if you're wondering what it the world a family of 11 looks like with five more mixed in here ya go...if you can't tell we have lots of fun together!  it's safe to say they are our georgia family.  the ones who took care of our kids while on vacation.  the ones who are an amazing, beautiful, god fearing family.  the same ones who made me eat homemade snicker bars...oh man, it was so terrible.  although i do admit that the 6 mile bike ride in the wind was pretty much tortue.  but, i guess the snicker{s} made up for it. 

                              {don't ask what we are so intent on.}

{but it was well worth it! not sure boo thinks so, she was sad to be leaving.}

we love y'all, thanks so much, we miss you already!!

now...can i get that recipe?


  1. So funny those kids!! Very cute.

  2. How these moments make me smile - life with love and laughter. I'd have to look up the underoos history as well...then again, I'd have to look up the cow and goat ailments :).

  3. haha yes and even mommy's sometimes don't know all the answers (that seems to surprise them huh?)

    as for the bloomers...u got me thinking...'WHERE DID THEY PUT THEM BACK THEN TO DRY???' hahahahaah

  4. love this post!!!!! and love those group photos great job

  5. A real rabbit's tail? ROFLOL! Oh, the things are kids do/say/HAVE! lol

    Great made me SMILE!


  6. Homemade snickers? I think I like that- but it could be dangerous :)

  7. Your posts always make me smile and giggle. I just love reading them. Those kids of yours are so bright....they'll keep you on your toes for a very long time. :-)

  8. your family sounds like such a joy!!

  9. What great looking families! Love the pics, and that first one of Trooper, so cute!!!


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