Thursday, March 1, 2012

this is john.

this is john.  the first time we saw him he was standing in front of quick-trip {oklahoma's popular gas station}. but he wasn't just standing.  he was yelling.  and his arms were waiving.

the kids gasped and exclaimed, "mama!  what is that man doing?"  i smiled and simply said, "oh...he's preaching."

and i can only assume what other people driving by may have been thinking... he's "crazy" or "off his rocker."  but, for some reason, i knew better. {not that i haven't met some crazies in my day, one does need to be discerning!!}

as the days and weeks went by we would see john standing in the same spot and i couldn't help but smile.

well, today i wasn't satisfied with just standing on the sidelines.  the kids and i pulled in to get gas.  john was being fairly quiet...singing "Jesus" to himself.  i quickly pumped the gas and walked over to him.

my plan was to give him a hug and say a quick "God bless" while making it back to the car.  but...i stayed a bit longer. 

you's hard to peel yourself away from a kindred spirit.  one that listens to the Lord.  one that obeys the Lord's leadings.  one that is concerned for people's salvations.

because let's face it, i don't care how crazy you call me, the end times are near.  people need to start taking inventory of their inward lives.

and...some churches just aren't preaching what needs to be heard...there i said it!

john is very well spoken.  he isn't missing any teeth or stinky like alcohol. {come on people, i know how y'all think!}  he is compassionate for hurting people...and Lord knows there's plenty around.

john goes to several quick-trips around the Tulsa area, where ever the Lord leads him that day.  he's doesn't ask for money yet the Lord provides for his needs. 

john said, "so many young preachers complain that no one asks them to preach at their churches. church?  who needs a church?  look around, the whole world is a pulpit."

my sentiments exactly mr. john.  while living in idaho i'd look around at the mountains and proclaim, "church?  who needs church?  God's amazing creation is enough for me!"

the best place to start is right where you are!

people can not only run into quick-trip for a soda and sandwhich to fill their bellies and top off their tanks with gas, they can also swing their car by john for a quick word of prayer.  to hear some scripture or to chat about just how amazing God really is.  nothing is better to have your faith full up.

john has seen amazing results, God has used him to do some awesome things! 

so...if you see him, please stop and say hi.

but more importantly, john is a reminder to me to ask the Lord what i can do for HIM...even if it means getting out of my comfort zone.


  1. I bet it took you a little out of your comfort zone just to go over and chat. Good for you. And good for him too!

  2. "church? who needs a church? look around, the whole world is a pulpit."

    The world needs more folks like John!

  3. Kudos to John for DOING what the LOrd called him to do, without worrying about consequences. The Lord will use people like that!!

  4. Love that thought on "church"
    ...I wholeheartedly agree!

  5. Way to go, John!

    Today I was distressed to say the least to see this YouTube video Take a look at what's going on in California.

  6. How incredibly awesome! I totally agree in every way with this post. The gospel is not contained to a building and some churches are not saying what needs to be said. John sounds amazing and if you ever talk to him again tell him he has a fan down in little old new Zealand!

  7. Love this!!! Thanks for sharing about an incredible man of God. May God bless his faithful evangelizing and reach many for Christ!

  8. I love this post for SO many reasons...thanks for sharing it. It made my day :)

  9. I absolutely love this post. This world needs more Mr John's in it. And his smile is heartwarming and full of truth. Would you give him a hug for me? : )

    Thank you for this post.


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