Tuesday, March 20, 2012

this girl rocks.

i guess since i'm a mama i can brag a bit.  especially since i'm a bloggin' mama.  anywho, this kid blows me away.

a few weeks ago we were so proud of her decision to be baptized.  some friends and family showed up to show their support.  there were cheers and tears.  we couldn't be more proud.


the other day this conversation was spoken between her and i.

scout: "oh mama! i know what i can do to be a blessing!" 

me: "oh yeah, what's that?"

scout: "i wanna scoop out miss j's horse trailer for her!"

{before i knew what was happening she and boo took off for the trailer with shovels.}

me: i had to think fast.  "uh, you know...that is a job to do when daddy is home.  we could bake her some cookies instead?"  i was secretly hoping she would forget about the whole idea.

scout: "nah...the horse trailer is a great idea, i'll wait."

sure enough, when mountain man got home they corralled him to the horse trailer with trash cans, shovels and a broom.  i followed behind shaking my head.

you gotta be kidding me.  now, i love to help people out and do nice things for them but the scooping of poop is beyond my, uh...boundaries.

and, she wasn't kidding.  she shoveled the entire trailer out with a little help from her sister and daddy. 

mountain man looked at me and said, "was this your idea?"

me: "i assure you, it was not."

i then listened as it was decided that she would NOT tell this person of the good deed done.  she would wait until miss j noticed by herself.

now...i'm sorry...if i scooped any poop for someone i would just hafta tell them.  i mean, really?!  

that is a big, nasty, hard job and she didn't complain or wince one time.  all the while her mama was watching with hesitance hoping no one asked for my assistance.

i offered moral support, did some cheering and took scout's turn unloading the dishwasher for her. 

oh...and i baked her some cookies =)


  1. i've said it before you have terrific children with incredible hearts!!!

    and like u as a momma i'd be thinkin of something less messy....haha all i would be thinking was ....'ur not wearing those shoes in the house again' haha

  2. Wow, good for her! What a sweetie!
    She's got an awesome smile! :-)

  3. Now this just warms my heart! My girls will come up with the sweetest things. Things far beyond any thoughts I'd ever have! But poop? That's in a league all its own. So sweet!

  4. Oh my goodness...what a sweetheart!!!

  5. She certainly does ROCK. Way to go Scout you are an inspiration.
    Oh Yeah and Mom way to go, dishwasher, cookies wow? :) B

  6. So cute. Loved the picture!

    Thank you for keeping such a wonderful blog.

    Please tell everyone "hello" from all of us!
    We love y'all~

  7. WOW!!!! that kid DOES Rock!!!!! What a great job.. Let me know when the blessing is dicovered

  8. Awww what a precious girl! ANd I'm with you... no thanks and if I was going to I'd want the credit! ICK!

  9. Too sweet for words...and I am typing on a kindle and making too many mistakes.


  10. Great reward awaits those who do not sound a trumpet, so others will notice their good deeds. God will bless her and her servants heart! What a wonderful lesson to learn and live out at such a young age.

  11. Go Scout! That is amazing! You are doing so many things right with your children, Brooke! :) You inspire me.


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