Tuesday, March 13, 2012

right place at the right time.

there was black smoke billowing into the air.  mountain man said, "let's check it out."  we rounded the corner and quickly spotted bright orange blazes in the back yard.  by the looks of it the fire was spreading quickly to the abandoned house.  neighbors were looking on and some were trying to get the fire out by rugs or maybe a door mat.

mountain man was out of the door in a second.  the kids and i watched and prayed from the car.  no one had a hose.  mountain man walked a short distance to the neighbor's house, turned on a hose and walked over to the fire.  this was after he was sure the fire department had been called...one never knows.

he put the fire out in a few minutes.  the firetruck came and mountain man walked back to the car after putting the garden hose in it's place.
and that was it.  we didn't think another thing about it.  see a need, fill it. 

but...to trooper, his daddy is a hero.  this small act made a huge impact on our four year old son.  for days later i would hear him say, "my heart is happy. i'm so glad daddy stopped to help with the fire."

what would have happened if we just shrugged and said, "ahhh...let's let the other people handle it.  let's not get involved?"  that is all too easy to do.  in fact, i've heard in other countries few people do any good deeds for fear of being held responsible. 

who knows whether mountain man saved the house from damage or hindered it from spreading to neighboring homes.  if so, that's wonderful.  but, more importantly he made a lasting impression on his kids' heart.

see a need, fill it.  end of story. 

*i'm not advocating trying to be superman and neither is mountain man.  use your head.  if you see a situation you feel like you can help out with then awesome.  if it's way out of your comfort zone then call for help or find another way to assist.  maybe take cookies to the fireman after the situation is under control.  there is a right time and place for everything.  praying is always the best line of defense. =)   


  1. Oh, you are so right! Who we are in front of our children , day and night, is what matters. That is how we become etched into their little minds, and I pray it is always honoring and pleasing to God.

  2. That is a great story! Thanks for sharing part of your 'everyday'....so true! Glad the Lord used it in such an inspiring way!

  3. He IS a hero! Your kids (and neighbors) are blessed to see a man step up and take action! Twice I've been the first to see neighbors houses on fire... Each time The Farmer has jumped n run and helped put it out. We like to think that our neighbors would do the same for us and our kids are learning to ACT also. Every day teaching moments (and Little House episodes) are the best! ;-)

  4. Amen!!! and Mountain MAn is my hero too!

  5. He is a Hero to you and your kids even if he did not do this very brave thing. I think it was an awesome thing to do. You are instilling great lessons to your kids. B

  6. Your son will never forget that Daddy is a hero! Love the story!

  7. Great story, and great that the kids got the chance to see Mt. Man's heart in serving others when others are in need! Precious!

  8. Great lesson for the kiddo's..

  9. It's true- we do sometimes become complacent and think that we can let others do and it'll be ok. What an amazing world it would be if we all chipped in when we could!


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