Saturday, March 17, 2012

scripture & snapshot

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ~Proverbs 22:6

boys especially were created to work.  sadly, the generation that is being raised now seems to have everything handed to them.  they spend hours watching T.V. and playing video games while they could be doing more constructive things.  parents seem to be so out of touch with their teens and even younger kids.

there is no connection.  sadly, parents just don't have their kids' hearts.

kids need to learn how to handle rough situations, how to shop, manage money, build things, cook, cut the grass, scoop the poop...they need quality time with their family.

they need to learn responsibility and work ethic.  and most are not.

i watched as a young man behind the counter at the frozen yogurt bar ate the food they were serving, right off the bar in front of me like it was no big deal.  i watched as he enjoyed his snack while there were dirty tables to be cleaned. 

i watched as a group of employees were talking in the produce section avoiding work with idle talk.  "wait...didn't i just see you at the customer service desk shooting the breeze as well," i thought.

where are we headed as a community?  as a nation? 

so...pull out the hose, shovel, checkbook, mixing bowls, laundry, grocery list, dirty car and vacuum for those kids...and turn off that T.V.

love, mountain mama.


  1. love it! every body needs to hear that! love,scout

  2. wow, scout! thanks, i love you! will you remember that if i ask you to unload the dishes twice in one day?? :)

    you are my sunshine.

  3. We were all born to create. When we are robbed of the gift of accomplishment (vision), we perish. These are ancient words strung together to form ancient principles. Well spoken MM

    I love the vibrant colors in your picture!


  4. Love the color here. That alone should make the work exciting. But then, I tend to think of wheelbarrows and garden tools almost as toys. Thanks

  5. My son helped me out in the yard today while my teenage daughter worked at Chic-fil-a. My husband and I were just noticing that we need to be teaching my son more practical skills. He is our baby.

  6. I love that he has an apron on too!

  7. It's a good thing your kids are benefiting from this wisdom in their young lives, I know so many young people who weren't as blessed and it saddens me to see their lives taking the paths they are taking. One day your children will thank you and Mt. Man for teaching them good work ethics, it is a huge blessing! And you two will reap many blessings from that as well. We reap what we sow! :D

  8. This is a great post and I think you're right on with the general entitlement attitude of the next generation.

  9. I just popped in after reading about you on Mrs. C's blog. Love your post and can only say it is too true. Also, loved your previous post... I so related to it... even the Africa part. We have been on a similar journey. Congratulations on almost completing your Naturopath degree. That is wonderful I will look forward to hearing the things you have learned.
    Many Blessings,

  10. Love the blues and the reds--and the apron. :)

    Great advice here! This weekend my 9-year-old grandgirl fed the birds, picked up sticks in the yard, raked, watched her baby sister, and helped in the church nursery. I know she felt good about it all.

  11. Thank you for this advice. So needed. It has been forever since I have been here. I need to go back and see what has been happening in your life.

  12. Just dropping by to say "hello"! Hope you all are doing well :)

    I thought of you recently when I went to see a homepathic dr.....I'm very excited about the progress I'm making toward my weight loss goals and improved health!

    Have a great week :)

  13. True! My 16 year old is heading out to pick up a shovel right now---for dirt :) It's his spring break and his dad left for work with the chore to accomplish. And he is going to a funeral this afternoon because a good friend's grandpa slipped into eternity last Friday. He has never been to a funeral. I only have so much more time with him and I am praying that it all took...that training.

  14. True story, I feel it's so easy to take the road of least resistance but I don't ever want anyone to mistake my kids for anything less than smart, well mannered, and hard working servants of the Lord.

  15. Bright primary colors... and the this photo.
    Such wise words following scripture we all knows well. You put a contemporary spin on the challenge for parents today. Work ethic ... as your observations show, needs much stronger emphasis.

  16. amen! working on that very thing right now with my cadre of boys.


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