Monday, March 19, 2012

every life is beautiful & october baby.

i noticed two girls i had never seen at church before.  they were sisters and obviously very close.  the older was very protective.  i couldn't take my eyes off of them for some reason.  they were adorable.  yet, there was something in their countenance that made me wonder...i couldn't put my finger on it.

then...i started talking to their grandma.  i didn't ask about their story yet she felt led to tell me.

their mom found a lump on her breast.  this was before the youngest girl was born.  the doctor and mom were concerned.  then, she found out she was pregnant.

the doctor recommended an abortion so she could carry on with treatments if need be.  she declined.  she chose to give life to the baby growing inside her. 

she chose life...because life is beautiful.

and she passed away when that sweet baby was two years old.

i looked back at the sweet girls knowing their story. i sensed the sadness in their eyes, the longing for their mother.  i sensed they are strong, loved, protected and nurtured by their family. and i knew they were aware of the intense love their mother has for them.

in my grieving for this family i had just met, i longed to hug the girls.  to wrap my arms around them as if that would help them feel better...maybe make my own self feel better.

this true story ties in with a new movie coming out March 23rd.  this movie deals with a hard issue that is not being dealt with.  i can recommend this movie wholeheartedly because we were able to see it on the cruise as a sneak peek.

it is a solid movie with a strong message.  it will make you laugh and cry.


every life is beautiful.

please watch the trailer and go see it this weekend. 


  1. Thanks for the review, it looks great! I'll be going.

  2. Very special story. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. What a great story. Thanks for sharing about the movie. Maybe I will take my older nieces to it.

  4. We've seen the trailer, and can't wait to see this. What a testimony from those young girls, knowing that their sweet Mother chose life for her baby, so unselfishly. "No greater love..."

  5. for one brief second with ur title i assumed u meant oct baby for you!!!

    those girls had a terrific mother who loved them...and did choose life!! they are special!!!

  6. This does look like a good movie with a message.
    We just saw Courageous last weekend..AMAZING!
    A young man that I'm praying for at work is hopefully going to see it soon. I'm praying for him that He will see and know God's message of life for him. He is already a committed dad so it will speak to him.

  7. What a beautiful testimony of a mother's love for her children. I can't view the trailer but I will as soon as I can!

    Blessings & ((((hugs))))~

  8. How sad. I have seen others recommend the film. I'm going to be very honest and say that I think I would have made a different choice. It would have been a difficult choice, a life changing choice and one that would have been hard to live with. I do think that I would have tried to save myself so the older child would have had a mother, but I truly respect this mother for making the choice that was best for her. Life is so hard sometimes and decisions aren't always black and white...there is a lot of gray out there.

  9. What a beautiful story! And I can attest to the movie also. Although I did not see it, my trusted sister did and said it was very well done! Looking forward to seeing it!

  10. What a story and I hadn't heard about the movie. Glad I stopped by to your blog today.

  11. How beautiful!!!Life, all life, is a choice.. This young woman, I gather, is looking for her birth mother..
    I'm glad her mother gave birth to her. How very hard it was, for many young women to give up their baby for adoption.
    There are many reasons why, but not to abort, is a real sacrifice when you also know, you cannot keep that baby. Abortion is a terrible thing! Its the same as throwing a life away. God Bless your sharing.


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