Friday, February 24, 2012

the places my feet have been {i.e.the bahamas}

yes, i do remember my recent blog break promise however some things are just too good not to share.  that, and my brain runneth over with words.  and yes, my second toe is longer than my big toe.  what is the big deal?  you can thank my dear grandma for that gene!

last month i  was mama-napped by a girlfriend for a homeschool mama's summit.  it was a well needed night away from the kiddos.  the summit was awesome, refreshing and re-energizing for us homeschooling mama's...i believe all 200+ agreed homeschooling is the hardest most amazing thing we've ever set out to do!!  and now more than ever my opinions are very strong towards this venture...moving on.

as you know, someone blessed us with a *cruise*...i mean, that's BIG people.  a week away from the kids, ALONE with my husband with no cooking, cleaning or laundry??  HELLO!  but the adventure doesn't start siree.

we first had to pack into our small SUV for a long road trip.  the kids did amazing as usual {too bad the grown-ups can't do that well!} and our first stop was to visit a blogger friend whom we met last year, mrs. c!  she graciously opened up her home to us...the kids needed to get their wiggles out.  she also fed us a great lunch!  thanks so much mrs. c, it was great to see you and your wonderful family again!!!

then...we headed to alabama to see mountain man's sister.  we arrived at the restaurant she manages around 10 p.m.  just right.  the restaurant had just closed.  the kids got to run around {more wiggles to get out}, get a tour of the kitchen, play with pizza dough and lucky for us, the chef was still there!  we got spoiled with fancy pizzas, salads, bruschetta etc.  yum!  she then let us take over her apartment for the night!  what a great sister-in-law i have!  {trooper was overjoyed with the shooting wii game...we're talking playing this at midnight people!}

the next morning we booked it to georgia.  no one could contain their excitement anymore.  we were about to see our friends, the w* family, {the family with 9 kids!} whom we hadn't seen since moving from georgia! upon arrival, there were many hugs and the kids set right off to play!  mountain man and i spent a couple of nights there to get the kids situated and spend some time with our confederate pals.  it was fun, to say the least.  they did somehow talk me into a 6 mile bike ride, in the wind, nonetheless.  why i agree to such things i have no idea.

we were able to attend a valentine's day banquet for old folks at a church where the w* family were performing.  they played their instruments and sang lovely songs...i could not have been more proud!  sharing the love of Christ everywhere they go!  we attended church with them on sunday and afterwards we checked out our old stomping grounds.  it was sad to see in a way.  our hard work down the drain.  but it was good too...remembering everything we learned glad that chapter is done!

mountain man and i then left for the port of miami sunday evening.  it was so hard to tell the kiddos goodbye.  but, i knew they were in good hands!  we had a ten hour drive ahead of us.  when we got tired we simply pulled over at rest spot and slept in the car, can't beat that!  i was still in my church dress by the way.  somehow i was so exhausted it just didn't matter.

{mountain man always regretted not getting his pic taken with alex while in georgia for the scrapbook we don't have, so here ya go babe! :}

here is an interesting side note.  i had emailed some more friends in georgia, the kendricks, to see if we could see them as well.  i was ever so excited at the chance to see her again...she is a kindred spirit that blesses me to no end.  the answer?  yes, of course we could see them.  but that's not the best part!  well, wouldn't you know...they would be on the cruise too! 

{God is so good}

btw, if you watched courageous and cried like a baby when adam went back to dance with his daughter after, well you know....then you must watch this new music video!

{the lighting in the halls of the ship is not favorable for pics!}

and if you've ever wondered about the woman behind alex kendrick {because i think there's some kind of saying that goes "behind every great man is..." :}  well, i'm here to tell you...she a mama of 6 who is ever so humble and sweet and a praying woman!  we got to talk for a bit while floating on the blue ocean...share our hearts and what the good Lord is doing in our lives. what a very special moment.

{we were on the norweigen sky and made it to the island via a tender, a smaller boat.  our room was on the 8th level of the ship seen behind me.}

and about the cruise.  it was a total blast.  but it wasn't just any was a marriage cruise put on by family life {Dennis and Barabara Rainey}!  there were amazing speakers and performers on the ship and the beauty of it was that we could go to as many or as few of the events we wanted.  we made some new friends and...renewed our wedding vows under that stars on the ship's deck. 

{thank goodness for that jean jacket, it got chilly at night!}

when we turned the corner or sat down to eat we never knew who we'd run into... the singer matthew west, pastor voddie baucham and his wife, the kendrick brothers, priscilla shirer, the members of the annie moses band etc. and i do believe i ate my weight in fresh pineapple and soft serve vanilla ice cream cones. 

{they are doing another cruise next is the website.  i also highly recommend norweigen cruise line.}

but the best part was being alone with mountain man.  for more than 5 minutes.  we talked a lot and sat side by side in the sun reading books.  we danced and laughed.  we explored on the island and found a large lizard with blue spots and a little secluded spot perfect for relaxing.

while i was alone reflecting on the past few months i just couldn't fathom how not long ago we were surrounded by God's amazing mountains and now, here we were witnessing endless blue water, the sounds of waves, palm trees, island music, and amazing sunsets.  from one extreme to the other.

spoiled indeed.

so, after the cruise and our harsh step back into reality {i'm being facetious ya know} we then collected our kidlets in georgia.  after a 11 hour drive we made it to our dear friends' home in arkansas where they fed us and showed us where we could rest our sleepy heads.  we had a great time of fellowship with them and attended their church.

we are home now.  re-adjusting to the real world.  so thankful that we have such amazing friends and thankful for an amazing God who loves to spoil his children. we are so thankful for a safe, fun trip.  for the time mountain man and i shared. 

so now that i'm out of words, i'll be back soon, Lord willing.  =)


  1. ok you had this pregnant momma crying her eyes out! such terrific blessings you have such amazing friends....and had that SPECIAL time with mountain man...esp the renewing ur vows part! (sob again) you deserved it!!

  2. What a great refreshing time!! I totally enjoyed the pictures.

  3. SO glad you got to have this time together! Watched Courageous for the first time last week, and bawled my eyes out of course. Thank you for the sweet thank-you note, too. {hugs}

  4. What a joy to know how you have been blessed! God is so good! Thanks for sharing the pictures and all the sweet news.

  5. Oh My Mountain I can see why you have no time to blog. You are having an amazing life. YEAH. Awesome pics and I am so happy for you and your family you deserve this. Hug B

  6. The Lord is amazing - what awesome blessings you shared, and how wonderful to read this. I am very happy for you and your husband - a great time together on a cruise enjoying the beauty of creation and focus time on your marriage turns into a beautiful blessing for your whole family :-)

  7. Oh what a wonderful time! Thanks for letting us know how things are going...and about the cruise!!

  8. Ah...Looks incredible! Glad you got to do the cruise! and SEE your sweetie for more than 5 minutes!!

  9. Well deserved happy for u guys...glad your home. Much love. My3boyz.

  10. So glad you guys got to go do this!! Sounded like a great trip, girl!!
    Blessings to y'all! :)

  11. Oh my gosh what an amazing time and adventure! The whole trip sounds like it was wonderful. Love the cruise part and renewing your vows, so romantic. Love it!

  12. OH how wonderful!!! What a fabulous adventure for all of you! We just took our first road-trip-to-the-beach adventure last week. I completely understand getting all the wiggles out during long trips (took us two days to drive to FL). It sounds like your whole trip was a huge success and had a ton of big blessing for your family. It brought joy to my heart to read all about it! (I loved your sandy toes picture. I took one just last week while I was on the beach! great memories)

  13. So glad you are back, Brooke! I'm happy you guys had a wonderful time!

    P.S. we are thinking about moving to Georgia and I may email you to see if you have any tips to share! We are planning on taking a trip down there very soon to look at houses, and this is where we feel the Lord is leading us.

  14. Oh my...that sounds like quite the trip! The cruise sounds wonderful...I love vacations for just that reason. Our kids are out of the house and you'd be surprised at how much more we actually talk to each other on vacation than we do at home. I'm so glad you had a good time and got to see friends and family all over the place!

  15. hi! nice to see you again! didn't realize you were back to blogging. sounds like you guys had a great week together. :)

  16. So thankful we had that little visit! So good to see how well you all are doing after leaving Idaho. Did I not tell you Dennis Rainey and his wife are great??? I love their ministry! Been listening to them since my gals were babies. So thankful for you all, that someone blessed you w/ this trip, what a huge gift for your marriage! Wish we could have tagged along, it looks awesome!

    6 mile bike ride in wind? For real??? To that I can only say, better you than me!lol I do not like the wind!lol


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