Sunday, January 1, 2012

scripture and snapshot - remembering the mountains.

since we've had temps in the 60's here in okie land and nothing more than a couple of snowflakes i had to resort to using a picture from idaho {since we had plenty 'o snow there!} for this week's s & s.  i'm sure you don't mind. 

sometimes out of the blue one of the kids will say, "oh....i miss the mountains..."  then we all reminisce for a few moments.  remember that time the wind storm came and daddy was out of town?  remember when a baby goat was on the roof?  remember when it snowed while the sun shone bright and it was warm?  remember when mommy had a panic attack driving to town?  remember when we raced a coyote?  remember when scout prayed for a horse and He gave us gabby?

there is no doubt about it, our time in the mountains in 2011 did something to us we will never forget.  we are so grateful the Lord allowed us that time.  sometimes it's hard to watch a chapter in life close.  no doubt about it, He is in control and has a plan and was preparing us for something.  hopefully no more expeditions in wild bear country.  alone.  with no cell phone service.  a mountain mama can only take so much. 

now, bring on 2012!!!!

{laptop is still in shop.  we resorted to getting the old school desk top working.  desperate times call for desterate measure :}


  1. i am so glad all of you enjoyed that time (even if it was scary and perilous at times!) what a treasure.

  2. What fun to share those memories with your sweet children. And thank you for sharing them with us. Life is such a worthy adventure when going where God leads us.
    The photos are beautiful! I have mountains in my heart too though I live by the sea. I guess I love rolling foothills too. So it's all good :-)
    Hang in there with the computer issues. Been going through that myself and am happy to say, made it to the other side and am getting used to Windows 7 though it was hard to leave XP. I didn't even know I cared! but I have learned alot :-) God's blessings to you in 2012!

  3. We haven;t been getting snow either! Crap! :)
    I wish you guys the best this year!!

  4. I miss the snow this year too! We had lots of snow last year (in fact our pipes froze which was not the fun part of it) and a blizzard that paralyzed us in 2010! The winter isn't over yet though!! February is usually the coldest month in Oklahoma. Anyway, I'm so glad you are in Oklahoma, I just know we are better off for it! I'm so glad to have met you this year. I hope you have a blessed 2012!

  5. Oh that verse brings back so many memories... The first time hubby attended our church. It was a Friday night youth night. The pastor knew we were just engaged...he put hubby on the spot and asked him to give 'a word' of testimony...Those are the verses he gave for his testimony...and thru all our life...trials...we can look back and KNOW that HE has truly directed all our paths...even if at times...all we could do is look UP the end of the day...we can see HE has directed our path.

    God Bless you and your family in this coming year!

  6. A straight path! Love that verse. New chapters are full of promise.

  7. We haven't had any snow (except for a very light dusting a few weeks ago) since October! This picture is gorgeous. I love the path leading your eye into the photo!

  8. What an incredible capture (s).
    A wonderful verse to hold on to....

    Happy new year ahead to you and your family. It's quite an exciting thing to wonder what lies ahead.


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