Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a new creation.

pregnant with a drug dealer's baby?  abused?  addicted?  hurt?  raped? 

{i can't wrap my brain around it all...}

we were blessed, so blessed to have these fine ladies visit and share some of their testimonies at church. {yes, we have found a church.}  the reality is there are many, many hurting people in our state...in our neighborhoods.  in our churches.  in our families. 

but...there is hope.  there is a new life.  there is forgiveness.

i found this video on youtube which gives you a glimpse of the words we heard.  and, shall i say it takes huge amounts of courage to expose your sin {current or past} in public?  it was too much...i had to give some of them hugs afterwards!

they share their private lives to give God the glory.  to help other hurting people.  and to tell people like me that yes...all is not lost.  God does have a plan and He is working all around us.

what part do i play in this?  what more can i do to help?

God bless these sweet, sweet ladies!


  1. WOW!.. I d a lot of work ( and so does my church) for a center here.. These women and children have been through so much... and their stories, both before and after the saving of Christ is amazing!!!

  2. Wow, what brave and amazing women. We have a Teen Challenge here. The men's choir came and sang at our church. What a great ministry.

  3. may God use their testimonies!!


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