Sunday, January 15, 2012

mountain mama is signing off...

blogger is having issues...have you noticed the header is a blur?  and i can't comment on some bloggity blogs.  and a few peeps can't see mine.  the laptop is <still> in the shop! it's been over one month.  mountain man finally had to go in there and take matters in his own hands.  the laptop, not the repairman, mind you.


between all that AND:

*becoming new sunday school teachers.
*getting ready for our much needed vacaton.
*writing a dissertation on natural husbandry {has nothing to do with husbands :}
*and still going through the refining process in my inner most life...

well...let's just say my creative juices and energy are being used up.

there's nada left for the good 'ol blog.

and since i can't do it justice right now, i'll just put it up on a shelf for a bit.  yes, it'll gather a bit of dust but hopefully will not be forgotten.

so...goodbye for now dear ones.  buckle your seatbelts because this year is gonna rock!

love y'all!!


  1. blogger/google are definitely having issues again. thanks for letting us know you're just shelving for a while! we do hope to hear from you again! in the meantime, God bless you and yours!!!

  2. Take care Mountain Mama.
    It's been a pleasure getting to know you.
    Wishing nothing but the best of times ahead for you and your family.

  3. Rest and be well. I'll be checking in when you're back!

  4. Lord willin' we'll all be here when you return! :) Ready with a bottle of Pledge! Take care and enjoy your bloggy break and perhaps you shall receive that bottle of vanilla before Easter. No really, I plan on putting it in the mail tomorrow. :)

  5. I completely get this! I'm thinking of you and your family lots....
    hugs til we see/hear from you again!!!
    Love xx

  6. I ditto Fiona's comment. Wishing all the very best.... and something tells me we *will* hear from you sometime in the not tooooo distant future.
    Blessings to you, to hubby and to your gorgeous blessings :)
    Anne x

  7. You my dear friend can never be forgotten. See you when you get back I am sure you will be.Enjoy this time to find yourself again. I will be waiting for you. B

  8. But, but we'll still be in touch, correct??? You will be missed, I love your writing style. But I do understand. I don't have time to write as often either. Hugs!

  9. oooh.... and here I am just re-entering the blogging world.

    Take care of you!

  10. I am having trouble commenting on some blogs, too.
    Enjoy your computer free time and I will be here when you return. I have followed you since you first moved to Georgia (and had another blog), so a little time off isn't going to steer me away. :)

  11. Goodbye friend! No, really... you were my only follower besides my daughters!!! We'll be praying for your new year and all the great things God has planned for you!

  12. Don't worry, you'll get your mojo back soon. A break is good once and a while. Take care and enjoy your break!

  13. wishing you well on your journey! hugs to you!

  14. Awww- will miss you! but I totally understand... I finally feel like I am getting back to having a little extra energy for blogging! I love it, but it can definitely be time consuming.

  15. Will keep checking in and thinking of you all! Can't wait to hear (and see) all the fun you get into while away from the pc... I'm sure it'll be awesome. God Bless you friend!

  16. This shows you how out of touch I am with my blog friends...I'm JUST NOW reading this! OOPS! I completely understand taking a break. I feel like I"m on a blog break myself. I hope you have a wonderful next few months! I look forward to hearing from you in the future :)

  17. I hear you. I'm on a blog break too. It is so nice to just keep my computer off most of the time for a while...

  18. I completely understand. I, myself have been on a blog hiatus.
    Take care and we'll see you when you are ready to come back!


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