Monday, January 9, 2012

are you singing?

that's a question i ask myself often...

you see, i was blessed to spend a lot of time with my aunt growing up.  i remember running errands with her and going to church.  she had kid friendly tapes in her car and we'd listen to them and sing along. 

then it day she asked, "why have  you stopped singing?"  i shrugged my shoulders and looked out the window.

i realize now that i had some hefty issues on my mind as a kid and it was apparent that the weight of the world stole my ability to enjoy life.  even to sing.

now that i'm an adult, i have replayed that question time and time again.  i can still hear the words coming from her lips, the smell of the car...that one question was ingrained in my memory right then.

so...i stop and ask myself every now and i feel free to sing?  or am i letting the world burden me down?  am i casting my cares or trying to fix things myself? 

yes, my aunt so full of wisdom you are.  i love you.

and i ask you my friends, are you singing today?


  1. What a blessing to have such an aunt in your life! Singing is what helps me let go of worries. Especially love the songs that are scripture....they help lift my heart!
    Have a song filled day :-)

  2. Good thinking on it material.....

  3. I love this. For as long as I can remember, God has used music and song to minister to me. To this day I can't help but sing when I'm experiencing joy, or hurt. Singing to my babies has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. Never fails that when I need to be still, He gives me a song to dwell on. Did I mention I LOVE this post? What a wonderful thing to remember.

  4. What a wise aunt you have!! Makes you think...there are days I am not singing...

  5. Joy. It's in there. Sometimes I just have to look for it. And singing? Only in the car by myself.
    Seems like you have a wonderful aunt!

  6. I am going to remember this, singing in the good times and in the bad, this is a good gauge for us as we go throughout our day isn't it? Your Aunt taught you a very important life lesson here. Thanks!

  7. My Dad was a singer, he sang everywhere and everywhere, he was even singing when he had his stroke three years ago as he was fixing a neighbors toilet.
    I haven't really heard him sing since then. So I try to do it for him. I visited him recently. and took my ukelele with me, I sat by his bed in the nursing home and I sang to him.
    It brought him such joy. I ran out of songs from my book and told him I had no more.. he said keep singing.
    Singing is a joy and it is a gift. One we rarely miss until we can do it no more.
    thanks for the reminder..
    blessings to you Nell.

  8. Oh I love to sing at the top of my lungs when I am home alone or in the car...but not so much around others...I am very tone deaf and don't want to scare anyone!!

  9. Singing is such a gift! Thanks for the reminder!


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