Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend snapshot & the winner!

the craft show went very well on saturday...the kids really worked hard for a few days getting their goodies together and had so much fun!  the girls loved counting out money and putting purchases in sacks.  i sat in the background and let them do most everything. 

i'd say after a few misc. orders get delivered this week that the kids raised about $150 for charity! 

and i'm glad to have my kitchen back after hundreds of baked dog bones...okay, maybe 175! =)

many thanks to friends and family who came out to support the kiddos!

our fall garden is much more productive than the summer one...due to the heat.  we're getting beautiful mixed lettuces, turnips and radishes. 

i'm not a huge fan of radishes because of their after bite.  grandma used to cut pretty designs in them, soak them in water and put them on veggie trays for special occasions.  they were so pretty that i couldn't help but eat them...and burp minutes later.  but, did you know they can be boiled?!  scout and i boiled some tonight with potatoes for mashed taters and radishes!  two thumbs up say the mountain family!

we found this piece a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale.  we are believing the good Lord that one day we WILL be able to build our dream little farm home.  now i'm not one to be drawn to furniture and such but i fell in love with it.  it's  made of old wood.  it will be perfect for a guest bathroom.

this week we'll be getting ready for thanksgiving!  {3 different ones}

and i'm just so excited about this that i'll go ahead and tell ya!  some friends blessed us with a cruise.  that's right...mountain man and i will sail away into the sunset in a few months!  we are ever so excited!  and to top it all off, we'll get to venture back to georgia to visit some 'ol friends!  yee-haw!  {God is good, eh?}

and now onto the giveaway:

the winner of the giveaway for two {2} note card sets from forgetmenotink is: dawn!  she's one of my fav's and she just so happens to feel the same way i do about high tech communication. dawn is a kindred spirit who also homeschools and resides in canada.  her mom is also a blogger and a friend of mine.  {i have known them both for a while and just found out they are related not long ago!}

have a great monday everyone!


  1. oh, congrats to dawn! :)

    so cool on the cruise!

  2. Wow! So much awesome stuff going on! And a cruise??!! You guys deserve it!

  3. love that yard sale find....and so proud of those kiddos... what a way to teach giving!!!

  4. That find is AWESOME...and the Cruise? Even AWESOMER!!!!;)

    Thank you Thank you!!! I feel spoiled:)

  5. Well done kids! A hundred and fifty dollars for charity is great, I bet it was a lot of fun too.

  6. Congrats to the mountain kids for raising so much for charity! Love, love, love the yard sale find. I might add, I'm super jealous that you are growing radishes while it's -30 here :)

  7. Congratulations to the kids they did a fantastic job.
    I love that old sink cupboard I be it has a lot of stories to tell. I would have gotten it to I think I would have even loved it in my kitchen but I may have a strange way of looking at things.
    I think you going away is going to be very exciting I am excited and I am not even going.
    Congrats to Dawn wow I am going to check out her Mom's blog. Cool. B

  8. Yay for the kiddos, that's a good sum for all their hard work.

    You know how I love rustic, that is one cool piece of furniture!

    Wowzers, have fun, like I have to even say that, on your cruise!


  9. I have never seen a watermelon radish. How strange! Do they taste the same? I may have to try boiling radishes sometime. I never buy them bc we don't like them, but if I ever have some on hand, I'll try the boiling technique :)

  10. Your kids done GOOD!!! LOVE LOVE that sink...GREAT TASTE you have!!
    Boil radishes...could be good...will have to try it... I always remember my dad dippin them in salt and eating them:)
    So glad you are going Cruisein!!!!
    Yes Dawn is my girl!

  11. Kudos to the kids for doing such a great job for charity! Congrats on the upcoming cruise...lucky girl!!!

  12. What FUN you've all been up to (again)! Kudos to the kiddos for all that hard and clever craftiness! You done good with them and now they're doing good for others... AWESOME! So happy to hear of your trip too! The sink is amazing. Praying you get the perfect house to put it in.
    ps - I love radishes and am jealous of your garden ;-P

  13. Your children did a great job on raising money! and I Lovee your yard sale find...and I'm jealous of your cruise!

  14. Wow! Congrat's to the Mountain kids. What wonderful children you are raising. And congrat's to you and Mountain man on your trip. That's so nice and you're both so deserving. P.S. Love the yard sale find too!

  15. all did a FANTASTIC JOB! And a cruise.....WOO HOO for YOO HOO!



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