Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thoughtful thursday.

when i was a young wart hog as trooper would say i lived in the city.  
every now and then i would catch a glimpse of a cowboy...or a rustic person who wore boots.  and i noticed something.  this something bothered me.  why...WHY don't they pull their pant legs OVER their boots? WHY??!!

today, two of the horses and the llama got out.  we had no idea how they escaped since we hadn't been outside for most of the day. {one of which included our personal favorite.}  when the call came that our help was needed to get them home the kids and i jumped into high gear.  we scrambled to get our jackets and boots on.  we then ran across a busy street in 5 o'clock traffic.  finally, the horses were home safe and sound. we're still praying for the llama.

when we got home, i happened to look down...and to my surprise the above picture is what i saw.  not one of us had our britches pulled down. 

and then, i knew the answer.

who takes the time to pull down wranglers when duty calls?  who cares if people notice or what they think?  the horses need us!  and they don't care one way or the other how we look.  when the pants are down it's quite likely they may get soiled by mud, muck or a combination of other things that don't smell too nice.  and it's quite comfy i might add.

the moral of the story is and always will be:

"Don't judge any man until you have walked two moons in his mocassins."  ~Indian Proverb

or boots.  {yee-haw!!}


  1. great picture and wonderful moral....So true. Hope the llama returns home!

  2. sure hope that llama is safe! yikes! always a scary situation!

  3. Oh good, I'm in good company then. Anytime I run over to the store in rain or snow, I just slip on my boots, the pant legs just always go in, and I don't bother removing them. My shanks are pretty bright, and people do stop and stare at times, maybe they're just wishin' they had some boots to keep there pant legs out of the muck. Love the Indian proverb! And I do hope the llama is found soon!

  4. So true!

    I hope the llama is found safe and sound!

  5. Love the pic and the proverb. I think that is very true. Good job you were all there to help. B

  6. My kids never pull their jeans over their boots. They love them too much to hide them. I do, though. Sometimes when helping out at my in-laws farm, I don't just to keep my jeans from getting too dirty. I figure my boots are no matter what. ;)

  7. Hmmm...I'm one to tuck my jeans in my boots on purpose!! Wonder what that means??? Love the pic! :)

  8. Now ya know, clean dry pant legs and all! Heeehehehe!!!

    Live and learn sister!

    Have a blessed day and I hope all your critters stay put! :o)

  9. Cute Story... I dont have any cowboy boots ( I need a pair), but I do wear workboot out to do chores & stuff & when I'm in a hurry I just slip my feet into them & go ;)

  10. I love this post - sometimes its experience that gives us the ability to have compassion before judgement of others!!! ;)

  11. What a wonderful proverb.. first time I heard it.. not too many Indians around here in Australia to hear someone use it. I will try to use it on someone this week and keep them guessing.
    I love the boot picture, too cute.

    Blessings to you.


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