Monday, November 7, 2011

a little of this, a little of that.

thank you all so much for celebrating with us concerning boo's news...God is doing so many amazing things in our lives right now that my head is spinning. i have been so in awe and excited the past few days...i'm kinda chillin' today.  i think i'm fighting off a cold as well...ick.

we had a "fall fellowship" in leiu of halloween.  a bonfire with hot dogs, chili, friends, candy, bobbing for apples...all the simple things in life. our old pastor used to say, "if you take something away from a kid make sure you replace it with something even more fun!" and fun it was!

over the weekend we headed to the new "Freddy's Steak Burgers and Custard" in broken arrow.  some friends are opening the new location and we couldn't wait to try it out.  it was really good {for it not being taco bueno :} and the custard was sooo creamy.  the french fries were cute little things we all had fun eating.  if you're in the neighborhood stop in and have a treat, you won't be disappointed!

                         see?  would these faces lead you astray?

anywho...the girls are finishing up basketball.  scout's team won all of their games and boo's team has a tournament this weekend also undefeated. 

many thanks to staci, joy and karen for sending us rocks for our home school lessons.  i'm so late in posting a thanks!  the kids had so much receiving rocks in the mail...not your typical thing to receive in the mailbox for sure!

homeschool is going great...scout is working on division and multiplication.  her cursive writing is beautiful.  boo is becoming much more confident in her reading skills and trooper has fun in preschool and at home.  we are finishing up the last book in the "Little House on The Prairie" series and we will truly never be the same.

oh...and we had some earthquakes here in oklahoma.  we didn't feel the first one.  during the second quake mountain man and i were reading in bed around 11 at night.  we heard a noise and i thought a plane or helicopter was hovering over the house.  we then realized the walls were shaking.  scout ran downstairs and then it was over just like that!  i don't care what any of the "experts"'s end times's in the bible.

i think that's it...dinner must be made for it won't make itself.



  1. So glad you're reading the Little House series, I have such great memories of reading those with my Mom when I was little.

    How 'bout them earthquakes??? I definately agree with you.

    Just read Boo's news, and that is SO AWESOME! Praise the Lord, we serve a God who heals. Amen. Ya'll have a great week!

  2. You are so welcome for the rocks. Happy to help. :) Yikes about the earthquakes! We used to get minor quakes in Washington state, but we've only had 1 in our area since moving to the East Coast.
    Have a great week!

  3. My husband is a rock hound, we have them every where..
    We loved the little house series it is so inspiring I only wish there were more of them.

    These thing must come to pass. It can't be long now till we hear a trumpet sound..
    I am glad the earthquake wasn't too strong and didn't cause you any real grief. We haven't really experienced any Where we live in nothing more than a rumble and then you would have to have everything turned off and be listening for it. (Australia.)
    blessings to you.

  4. I only just read of Boo's news ... so pleased for you all. Can only imagine the anguish and am everyday grateful for very healthy children.

  5. So good to hear all that is happening! Man...wish I could send you some rocks that are at our place in AZ.... the people who owned this place before us collected rocks in the sand should see the ones we have!! Wanna pick some up:)

  6. So true - reading through Little House series - I was not the same when I finished them. Reading them as an adult, having some 'life experience' such an amazing experience.
    Do hope you are feeling better (cold) and I was ever so grateful to hear of Boo's heart mending - a beautiful testimony to our loving God - He is amazing!

  7. In that picture, you can really see how much your girls love their little brother!

    The earthquake...glad it wasn't too bad, how freaky!

    The end times...yeah, sometimes I wonder too. But when I read Revelations, I get so confused by all the imagery and symbolism ect. I just don't get it. But how much worse do things have to get on this Earth before Christ returns??? Interesting subject. Ok, I'll stop rambling now :-)

  8. Glad you all are safe, and can't wait to hear more good news. Tonight's quake caused rumbling all the way over here. We thought it was thunder at first, but there aren't any storms. The quake was in your state again, hope you all are fine after this one too, it was smaller, thank goodness. Also watching the storms bear down on your part of OK, hoping nothing severe brews up. Prayers for you all dear friend!!!

  9. Nice to hear of your happenings! Glad the earthquake didn't do damage! Have a great day!

  10. I thought about you guys immediately when I heard about the earthquakes. So glad everything is well down there. Hugs.


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