Wednesday, November 9, 2011

it's craft time.

one of the few things i enjoyed about highschool was their insistence of students doing a certain number of service hours before graduation. 

if i remember correctly it was 20 hours in 4 different was quite a bit!  i was a candy striper during freshman year {working in surgery recovery was a treat...i'm being sarcastic}, volunteered for a homeless shelter, the girls scouts, an adoption agency, a church or two and the list goes on.

you can see how valuable it was for me to be exposed to all different kinds of situations, people, institutions etc.  everything i learned has stayed with me.

that being said, it's our goal to raise our kids to meet other's needs.  to not wait to be asked before they offer help. to have a servant's heart. 

see a need?  fill it! 

this year the kids are making crafts to sell at the local library's little craft show.  they are so excited about it but i wondered if they would be excited after i told them where i felt the money raised should go.

"you know, i've been thinking...the money you make from all your hard 'bout we donate it to charity?"  after all, the money could feed people, buy toys for Christmas, buy blankets, coats...there are tons of needs out there.

my heart sang when they all exclaimed in unison, "YAY!"

so that settles it. scouts handmade pot holders, boo's button picture frames, the turkey and snowman poop gag gifts and possibly homemade dog bones are our family's way of giving back this year.

and we are humbled and ever so happy to do it!

{i'd like to state for the record that i'm not a crafty person.  how on earth i got myself into this i have no idea.  {yes i do!}  anyway, to prove my point, the glue gun broke today.  hot glue started spewing out of the sides and the tip popped out.  i've also broken a toaster, tea kettle, blender and crock pot since being married...they just don't make things like they used to! =}


  1. Great idea! I'm sure everyone will love those crafts.

  2. This is wonderful! I love giving back and hope to instil that into my children someday! ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. Yea for your kiddos and their giving hearts! I made pot holders like that when I was young and passed that craft onto my own kids when they were young. The frame is just darling. I hope all the crafts are gone in the blink of an eye.

    Be careful of those glue guns. I had one attack me once and I have a nasty scar on my wrist from the incident.

  4. I find that children love giving to others in need. Especially when they live with family that cares for the needs of others. You set a good example. Have a great time with the crafts and kids! May it all sell and bring in some needed monies for needy people.

  5. Wonderful thing you guys are doin. Cute crafts too... way to go kids :)

  6. Wonderful!! We had our youth group make little reindeers out of clothes pins one year to sell to rise money for decorations and a fresh wreath at the convelence home in our town...they loved doing are so generous!!

  7. I see many an hour wasted on Pinterest for you as you search out fun kid's craft projects. Good luck to your kiddos getting it all done in time, and WAY TO GO for their enthusiasm in giving the money away. These kids..I tell you what. We really need to be more like them! :)

  8. Great idea!! Your kids are so sweet.


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