Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i'm a sucker...

for a cute face that is!

no matter how many times mountain man has told me not to get involved in wandering animals my heart goes out to them.  especially ones with collars.  the ones you know make someone a family pet or companion.

such as it was today while on the way home from gathering trooper.  we noticed a lose dog in a parking lot.  i remained unattached at this point.  

but, when i looked in my rear view mirror the dog was in the middle of a 4 lane busy street with cars around!

oh geeezzz....

i quickly turned the car around while the kids asked all kinds of questions.  i didn't know quite what we would do. 

we arrived in the afore mentioned parking lot and the dog was back there safe.  i got out of the car to pet her and she quickly rolled over waiting to be loved on.  with her tongue hanging out of her mouth nonetheless. 

how cute is she?

i didn't notice a tag.  my heart broke.  i knew we couldn't take her home and i knew i didn't want her in the pound.  i walked back to the car and told the kids.  i'm not sure why but i went back to the pooch. when she rolled over again i spotted it!  the name and number of her owner were on a plate flat on her collar!


we located the home which was a hop, skip and a jump from the parking lot.  sure enough, the gates were open!  just then an older lady pulled into the driveway wondering why we were there.

"i have a cute dog in the car that belongs here" i said with a smile.  she was sure glad to have her dog home safe.

apparently from what i gather when her husband left that morning he didn't tell his wife that he would leave the gates open.  she let the dog out so she could run some errands and the rest is history. {communication, anyone?  i think we can all relate to that! :}

the kids were happy to "save the dog" and it was totally worth a stinky car. and hair all over the place.


  1. my heart would have melted too. My husband had one of these dogs we named him Handy. He carried him to work with him "he was outside every day in the woods". But, the dog got away from him one time. We were so glad when someone called and said I have your dog! May you be blessed for doing the good & stinky deed!

  2. oh, hurray!!! so glad when you can do a good deed for mankind and animals alike!

  3. Oh, awesome story! A great adventure of rescuing the pooch - so glad there was info on the collar. I'm a sucker for the animals as well.

  4. Good on you Mountain Mama. Since losing a beloved old dog earlier in the year (he was found ten days later), I now have our phone number on tags on all the dogs. Great happy story.

  5. That is one cute dog. Good job getting her back home. What a difference you made today. :)

  6. :) Nice dog rescue....I don't know if I would have let it in my car- dog hair and all;))

  7. Oh I am a sucker for a pretty face also and that is certainly a pretty face. Good job all of you. B

  8. I am so glad that you could save that puppy from being a lost or squashed dog. That's a good deed done!

  9. so sweet.. and so good of you to follow your heart..

    and yes, that June Scott... She has 4 books published.. a real lady after the Lord!!!

  10. That definitely is a cute face! So glad this story had a happy ending!

  11. Thank you so much for stopping to help! I have such a soft spot for dogs. You probably know 3 of our 4 dogs are rescues.

  12. I can only imagine how happy you made that family!! Good for you for going back for the dog!!

  13. Hooray for happy endings! Glad Poochie found her home with your help!~

  14. I bet that woman was so grateful. What a nice thing to do. And communication problems......THAT is funny! :-)

  15. and add "dog rescuer" to that long list of can-do's lol :)

    Great that your children are with you to see your heart in motion, the best teachin' ever !


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