Thursday, November 10, 2011

one of the ways our children learn.

“Self-education is the only possible education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child's nature.”  ~Charlotte Mason

one of the ways i can tell whether the kids are learning what we've been studying is how and what they play. 

not long ago we read when Laura Ingalls Wilder gave birth to her daughter Rose.  it was not a traumatic story...i think the kids even giggled.  and we moved on.  so i thought.

today...they were filled with excitement to show me what they were playing. 
up top there is cowgirl laura with her new baby, i spared you the delivery pictures.

and this must be Manly off to get the doctor.  i love the wagon made from bristle blocks.  scout spends a lot of time making reigns, halters and bits for every animal in their play arsenal. 

so there you have it...they hear it, act it out and it's their minds for a lifetime to come!


  1. well, definitely a lesson to be mindful of what they're soaking in! :)

  2. Yes, definitely stored away. :)
    We have that same cowgirl.

  3. Sometimes I think I try too hard to lay veneer on their natures, and don't allow enough time for their natural learning..
    I love it when they just do stuff.. when I don't have to push or prod but just find them doing stuff.. doesn't matter really what the stuff is as long as they are doing it.. not just watching, or listening, or playing an already organized game..but being inventive..
    I self learning and I agree it is simply the best way to learn..
    thank you for sharing.

  4. Loved this. My kids would sooo love yours!

  5. OMGosh, my sister and I had bristle blocks...they are the BEST! My boys enjoyed playing with them when visiting MeMe and PaPa's house.

    My boys have great imaginations...I LOVE that. I loved that they totally got into what ever it was they were playing at the time.

  6. Bristle blocks! I loved bristle blocks! AND I had that barbie walking horse up there, too. It was my favorite! Saw a new version at Kohls just yesterday, and it made me smile to see it. :)

    You know, I think this kind of play is what gives our kids a good dose of COMMON SENSE. Thinking outside the box, and relying on what they remember. Sorely lacking amongst our young people today, and I like to think homeschooling has a bit to do with fostering that.

  7. That is, homeschooling has something to do with fostering common sense and not the lack thereof. Obviously I had perfect grades in English. Ahem. Ahem. :P

  8. Very sweet! I love seeing how creative kids are - great memories! :-)

  9. This is so true. I see our wee fella doing this all the time... spending his afternoon 'playing' at whatever his lessons had been that morning. We're reading the Little House series too... I'm loving it as much as he is!

  10. Doesn't it amaze you sometimes how much they absorb?! I love it!


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