Thursday, October 13, 2011

thankful thursday: His plan

i never imagined myself being pregnant.  then again, i never imagined myself being pregnant while standing 2 feet from a masked man with a gun.  but, life has unexpected turns doesn't it?

i was about 7 months pregnant working part-time as a bank teller.  the bank was brand new with the smell of fresh paint.  maybe that's what made us an easy target...being new.

i was standing towards the drive-thru window helping a customer.  for the life of me i couldn't understand her...something about the ATM machine.  i had my ear close to the microphone trying to understand her words.  becoming increasingly frustrated i was glad my supervisor appeared next to me, facing towards the lobby.  i asked her a question and she answered, "uhhh...we're being robbed."

huh?  since when?  i just turned my back two minutes ago.  robbed?  now?  here?  surely not.

i quickly turned only to see a masked man in all black holding a gun with his left hand, i could have reached out and touched him.  he was clearing out the second teller drawer.  my instinct was to cover my belly with my arms and silently pray "Dear God..."

i was standing in front of my teller drawer.  all kinds of thoughts were running through my head.  what will i do when he turns and faces me?  will i pass out?  what if he sees that i'm pregnant?  what if...

before i knew it he closed the second drawer, hopped back over the counter and ran out the door.  i followed him with my eyes over the 6' fence.  my eyes then fell onto the car whom i was helping earlier.

"mam...we just got robbed and the thief just ran right behind your car..."  she zoomed out of there like her pants were on fire...i found this quite amusing.

the police and FBI came for a lock down.  adrenaline was rushing through my body.  the phone rang and with weak knees and a shaky voice i was able to answer.  it was the president of the bank.  his first question?  "are you okay?   your baby was the first thing i thought of!"

how kind of him, then it hit me...stress can cause an early labor and who knows what else.  wow!

soon after my interview with an agent we were able to go home.  i couldn't get the masked man out of my head.  his panting.  his shaky hands.  did this really happen?  how do i find myself in the strangest situations?

years later as the kids and i drove by the bank i told them the story.  showed them the fence.  relayed that all i could do wasn't exactly praying but crying out to the Lord.

while men may rationalize it by saying the robber didn't know i was there because being a part time teller there's a good chance i wasn't there when he scoped the place out.  my drawer and i were not part of his plan.

i on the other hand have this to say: maybe the above statement is true. but more importantly, i'm a part of HIS plan.  He literally has saved me more times that i can remember.  He protected me and my unborn baby.  He knew i would be there...nothing is a surprise to Him.

and because of everything that has happened over the years, i can rest calmly knowing that's he's got my back.  i am however ready for a little less adventure. 

hello?  did you get that Lord?  good.



  1. Wow, that is quite the adventure, that you never need again for sure! Glad to hear it had a reasonably good ending.

  2. Amen! HE was definately watching over you.

  3. what a story... and yes! God has your back!!!!!

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  5. Wow! Our God is so amazing, and what an example of it!! :-)

  6. I began reading your entry and realized quickly that it sounded familiar. Instead of moving on, I decided to read it again. I could never get tired of hearing of God's promises in action. :) I love this story and I love you for sharing it! God is good!

    Your favorite 2nd cousin/babysitter {smile}

  7. What a scarey moment...and what an amazing God - who kept you and your babe safe through it all. No matter what storms of life happen around us, the Lord is always watching, protecting, guiding our steps...

  8. Whoa! Adventure-filled lead! Good thing He is watching you:D

  9. Yeah in your life he sure has been there for you. I am happy about that. This one was scary. B

  10. Wow! Great post!!! I often sing a little song; "I need a miracle, *every* day, I need a miracle *this* I pray." It seems He watches and protects me and saves me daily! Like you, maybe I need a bit less adventure? Naaah! He's got our back so I think we should venture out boldly! Thanks for sharing!

  11. You sure do have an exciting life!! And knowing its all in HIS plan makes each day exciting!

  12. Not only was that a scary thing for you, but you wrote this so well. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next. It almost sounded like something out of a movie. Glad you made it through that terrible ordeal. But I'm sure, even if the robber would have asked for the money in your till, you would have handled it with His help.

    Did they ever catch him?

  13. Ok, this post really brought tears to my eyes... scary! God was protecting you & your unborn child that day, He has a plan.

  14. What a crazy story. You definitely get into some weird situations. So glad you were protected.

  15. dear mama,Ilove your biog! It Is great! A little of this and a little of that.
    love scout.

  16. Sorry I'm a bit late in my reading. I shouldn't be shocked anymore about how shocked I get when I read some of your posts. REALLY? How does this stuff happen to you?

    I was especially struck by your statement that you (we) are part of His plan. And especially "He knew i would be there...nothing is a surprise to Him." I guess more so today because my husband is on an overnight hunting trip (alone) (for the first time) (sleeping in the woods) and I just keep thinking that if anything happens to him, I know it's not going to be a surprise to God and He'll be there with me while we get through it. (my fears may be getting ahead of me just a tad!) :) Thanks for your reminder that God knows what's going to happen and won't be shocked by it.


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