Thursday, October 6, 2011

the real world.

boo's eyes filled with tears as i helped him out of the car early one morning.  i grabbed her hand and she helped me escort her brother to his first day of preschool.

the night before at the dinner table we ran down the list of mama's rules:

wash your hands after you go potty.
do not ever put toys in your mouth.  ever.
cough and sneeze into your elbow.
use your manners.
never hit or call names.
sanitize before snack time.

it was then that my deep thinker boo uttered the words so many mama's feel:

"iiii....wish i could go with him to make sure he's okay."

inside, my heart broke for her and swelled with pride all at the same time. 

"that is part of raising kids, boo.  mommy and daddy do our best and then one day our kids will leave home."

everyone's eyes got wide as saucers.

trooper marched right into preschool that morning, his sister and me by his side.

he needs some time with other boys his age.  and all of our friends' kids are girls.

now don't get me wrong, he's content to play dress up, tea party, little house on the prairie, horse or whatever else his big sisters dream up. 

but, there's something special about bonding with boys.  i think.  {mountain says he really needs a brother.}

while some may raise their eyebrows and say, "uhh...i thought you were homeschooling??"

i would narrow mine in return and say, "well, you know, that's the beauty of homeschooling.  it allows us to do what suits our family.  each family, each person is different.."  so there.

not only does he get to bond with rascals for a couple of hours his own age, this mama gets a break from four year old nonstop talking.  seriously.

and the girls and i can get some errands, schooling and girl time in.

of course it helps sending him off "into the world" when i know he's in good hands.  his teacher was the girls' preschools teacher.  and mountain man's. 

that's right.  she's been around the block a few times.

so..that's what we've been adjusting to this week. 

much love to trooper our preschooler and boo bear our "little mama." =)


  1. such an exciting adventure. I love the way you retell it. :)

  2. Aw, that's adorable that she wanted to go with him! What a great big sis.

    I totally agree about being around other boys. So when are you due?!? ;-)

  3. How wise of you! I had two girls and a 'baby' boy! And your right he needs time with other boys! And yes yes...the wonder of Home Schooling!! You do what is best for each child! And on the other note.... I always KNEW I should of had 4...odd numbers are not good:D

  4. I agree, Trooper needs a brother - brothers are so much fun :)
    Little Miss attended preschool too, she needed it, and it was a great experience for her. She would benefit from a Kindergarten class too, but since we won't know where we'll be next month (or the next), we better homeschool. (Sigh.)
    I'm sure Trooper will have a blast in preschool!

  5. how sweet! good for him to have some boy bonding time too!

  6. Wonderful! My oldest is 14 and I tell him in less than 5 years we are launching him out of the nest and praying he can fly. It's going too fast!

  7. What a wise know what is best for each INDIVIDUAL in her flock! : }

  8. I know the little guy will have a blast. :)

  9. Awwww...what a sweet sister!

    I think it's wonderful that he's going to pre-school....that you know that we are INDIVIDUALS...what works for one might not for another...little boys DO have a blast together! He will do great! And so will you girls!

  10. What a wonderful family you are raising! Wish you were closer so our kids could play... My son is tired of playing princess! ;-) God bless you all!

  11. Yes, much love to them both! How exciting for him. He'll have a great time!

  12. Oh how sweet! What a big statement for the littles to hear. That you're just doing your best to raise them to go out into the world. (Glad he didn't get scared...I bet my son would be afraid we'd leave him then after that statement) :)

  13. So sweet!! Hope everyone is adjusting and doing well by now ;) -Tammy


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